Dida Halake

(JollofNews)- The NIA, Yahya Jammeh’s equivalent of the brutal dogs in Animal Farm, has no place in the new Gambia of democratic dispensation and the rule of law.

One of my readers noted that he had forgotten much about Animal Farm, but can remember enough to compare Jammeh’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang to Squealer.

I am actually helping my students revise Animal Farm for their exams in four months time. Readers can find everything we are discussing about Animal Farm here: BBC Bitesize – GCSE Literature – Modern Prose – Animal Farm.

These dogs, standing guard behind the dictator Napoleon, represented everything that the NIA represented during Yahya Jammeh’s rule. I really need say no more because Gambians have a vivid image of the tortures and killings that the NIA meted out to fellow citizens.

From the description of the tortures and killings when Solo Sandeng met his end at the hands of the NIA, there is no distinction at all between Orwell’s description of the vicious behaviour of Napoleon’s dogs and that of Yahya Jammeh’s NIA.

I transcribed the torture victims’ affidavit for KairoNews at the time and it is unforgettable. Who can forget how the NIA thugs return to the naked lifeless body of Solo Sandeng and mete out more torture to ensure he is dead? Who can forget the pain and suffering of the woman, herself tortured, holding and sympathising with the naked dying Solo Sandeng.

No really, the NIA should have been buried six-feet deep yesterday and that is all that needs to be said about them.

I sympathise with President Barrow as he washes his hand again and again, like Lady Macbeth, just because he has inadvertently and unintentional shaken the hands of Yahya Jammeh’s NIA Butcher, Yankuba Badgie.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,