Michael Scales

(JollofNews) – The first week of His Excellency President Adama Barrow’s three-year sabbatical as interim leader has been mired in controversy.

The sooner he appoints a Minister for the” correct information” the better as “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. The President has at last made a decision, only to be reconsidering if indeed his decision is legal. We are all confused . I think that confusion is contagious, if reading Demba Jawo’s current piece is anything to go by. Mr Jawo (whom I am a great fan) suggests Ms Tambajang is the best person for Vice President, but then posits that the present Constitution was only to serve Ex President Jammeh’s agenda and wasn’t up to much, but then say’s its the only Constitution we have. I get it in that she is deemed too old.

Come on Mr Jawo. I am 67 and as fit as a fiddle. If this were the Grand National, all the horses would have fallen at the first fence. The rules states that the first jockey to remount and finish would be declared the winner….Hurray !

Myself I would not be surprised to see the jockey  in the flowing white colours and white hat, clutching prayer beads, Koran and stick, passing the post first.

Mr Jammeh’s letter of support to President Barrow, was quite touching, in that he asks Mr Barrow to feed his ducks and his animals while he’s on holiday, and give his workers some rice. Oh! And don’t forget to put the black cat out! ( only joking). With love and fond memories, Yahya.

Another interesting subject was calls for severe sanctions against Jammeh by some Members of the European Parliament.  So you were watching the Gambia in the last few months after all and wish the rest of the sub-region will follow Gambia’s model. Good God I hope not. Otherwise it would be a magic roundabout of troops, planes and destroyers. I think we can take their good wishes as opportunism too late. Let’s have loads of money for the Gambia instead. It is cheaper than feeding all those enforced migrants.

I do hope the presidential planes are returned, so President Barrow can come and meet the Queen and stay at Buckingham Palace. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa was heard saying “it was like going back in time to the 17th century”. I think our sugar plantations in the Caribbean were doing quite well then.

So sorry folks, nothing much to report today. Mr Jammeh’s missing you.

P.S I love the music on Jollof News. Who’s the DJ ? and what does wandiffa mean?