Yahya Jammeh says no deal

(JollofNews) -Gambia’s long-term ruler Yahya Jammeh has finally agreed to relinquish power, President-elect Adama Barrow has announced.

Writing on his on Friday, Mr Barrow said Jammeh would also leave the country. He did not say which country Mr Jammeh will be moving to.

“I would like to inform you that Yahya Jammeh has agreed to step down. He is scheduled to depart Gambia today. #NewGambia,” he tweeted.

Mr Jammeh’s decision to quit follows tense talks that lasted for hours with President Alpha Conde of Guinea and President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of Mauritania.

Troops from regional groups Ecowas are already in the Gambia and have threatened to flush Mr Jammeh out militarily if he refuses to make way for Mr Barrow.

Mr Barrow, 51,  was sworn-in on Thursday as the Gambia’s third president at a ceremony held at the Gambian embassy in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, which was attended by western and African dignitaries.

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This is a live report and we will be updating it as events unfold.

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Update on Jammeh’s deal
According to media reports, Jammeh has been granted immunity from prosecution. But his demands to stay in the Gambia after stepping down were refused.

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BBC’s Umaru Fofana In Banjul wrote on Twitter:

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Senegalese government official says Yahya Jammeh has agreed to cede power to the new president of The Gambia Adama Barrow

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The Guardian Newspaper
The new president of the Gambia has announced via social media that his
predecessor, Yahya Jammeh, has agreed to relinquish power and leave the

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Soldiers Disgruntled With Jammeh The Guardian reported:
Gambian soldiers guarding the capital said they were disgruntled with
Jammeh. “How can I be fine when I have been here since 4am and I’m
hungry?” asked a soldier on the airport road.

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Exile Gambia’s now had “the liberty to return home”, Adama Barrow

“The rule of fear has been vanished from The Gambia for good,” he said in the Senegalese capital, Dakar.

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BBC’s Thomas Fessy

A tweet from an account believed to belong to the new president, saying
that Mr Jammeh had agreed to step down and go into exile, has since been

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Halifa Sallah Issues SOS Call To Gambia’s Security Forces and Civilians
This is an SOS call for the military and civilians to combine together to save the country from war by promoting and ensuring a peaceful transfer of executive power and leave the courts to carry on adjudicating on the petition of the loser. This is the dictate of law, justice and reason and should not be disregarded.

We are therefore calling all our citizens that as we anticipate a peaceful outcome; all Gambians should see the instalment of a new president at the state house as a national victory. Each is expected to celebrate the victory by renewing our commitment to unify our diverse people, irrespective of the language they speak, the religion or gender they belong to or any other difference so that none will ever perpetrate injustice or deliver hate messages based on callous prejudices.

We want a Gambia of the people whose leaders are sensitive and responsive to their concerns to emerge. This is the demand of our times and circumstances and the cornerstone of the consolidation of peace, liberty, justice and prosperity for our motherland and people.

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Halifa Sallah: We hope that today before night falls the national television (GRTS) will start to amplify the voices of all the people. We expect that the security chiefs will take the liberty to appear on
television to assure all Gambians and non-Gambians that they are committed to peace and would not encourage any violence that would put lives and properties in jeopardy and would be committed to a government that derives its authority from the consent of the people. We hope that Gambians would wake up on Saturday, 21 January 2017, to a new day that offers hope to all and despair to none.

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BBC’s Umaru Fofana

Gambia agreement reached. Fine details being finalized. Guinea president overnighting here. To leave with Jammeh on Saturday.

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BBC’s Umaru Fofana
Gambia agreement reached. Fine details being finalized. Guinea president overnighting here. To leave with Jammeh on Saturday.

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Jammeh To Go Into Exile On Saturday
President Yahya Jammeh will bid farewell to the Gambia on Saturday after agreeing to relinquish power. Details of the deals are being finalised but it is understood that Mr Jammeh will leave depart Banjul together with Guinean president Alpha Conde, who negotiated the deal.

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Gambian Activists Calls For Jammeh’s Arrest And Prosecution
Gambian activists have launched an online petition calling for the arrest and prosecution of former president Jammeh for human rights violations.

The petition said: “Yaya Jammeh must be arrested to remain in the Gambia to face justice for the 22 years of violations of human rights he committed. During his tenure the culture of impunity prevailed consistently in the Gambia as he indulged in gross abuses in the forms of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture, rape, enforced disappearance and summary executions.
Yaya Jammeh also engaged in consistent and illegal confiscation of properties belonging to individuals and communities, while also summarily dismissing public servants and subjecting them to detention without
trial or trial on trump up charges for political reasons. He was able to commit these crimes through a systematic personalization of state agencies particularly the security sector, as well as direct interference in the Judiciary. He has hired foreign judges who twisted the hands of judges and magistrates to rule in his favour in all cases he had interest. Through this process he was able to effectively grip every sector of the society through violence and deception, or a carrot and stick method. For these reasons, Yaya Jammeh must not obtain any asylum anywhere but to be arrested and placed under custody for trial.”

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It is unfortunate that as we got him exactly where we want him, only to throw a live line to this monster. It won’t be long from some Capital, he will continue with his arrogance and spewing the usual garbage. We
all understand the need for peace and restoration of constitutional order, but we also cannot allow justice for the victims to be compromised. Jammeh and his cohorts should pay for their crimes against the Gambian people, Period…

Jollof Media Network January 21, 201712:04 am

Senior Gambian commander Musa Savage
In Shaa Allah The Peace that The Gambia is known for will continue. Who
Allah Blessed no one can curse. Let us continue to pray for peace.

Jollof Media Network January 21, 201712:18 am

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