Madi Jobarteh

(JollofNews) – Today January 16 shall go down in the history of the Gambia as the day when despicable sons and daughters of the Gambia in our National Assembly have consciously and deliberately decided to betray their own people. Without shame or fear, members of the National Assembly have today passed a resolution calling on ECOWAS to refrain from implementing their just cause to save the Gambia but instead to make judges available to hear the unconstitutional and illegal petition of the APRC.

These parliamentarians have therefore ignored blatantly the fact that Yahya Jammeh lost the December 1 election and now they wish to impose this dictator on the people of the Gambia. These parliamentarians are now telling us that they have not seen and felt the misery and shame that our people have endured in these past 22 years under the misrule of Yahya Jammeh and APRC. Indeed the Gambia has never felt betrayed in its post-independence history!

It is indeed a very sad day for the Gambia when she is in her most severe moment of affliction to have sons and daughters who would ignore God and Truth to sacrifice their own birthright and sacred duty by abandoning their own motherland in favour of one single person. As a Gambian, I cannot express how much pain and shame I feel knowing that in my country there are these kinds of citizens who are prepared to sacrifice our motherland for the selfish and diabolical interest of the Number 1 Scumbag of our society. How could Abdoulie Bojang, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Netti Baldeh and Abdoulie Saine, as adult Gambians lead the National Assembly which is supposed to be the saviour of the Gambia decide to abandon their own people to side with one citizen who is the worst son ever produced in the Republic of the Gambia. This is a betrayal of the highest order for which I pray to God the Almighty to make sure that these APRC National Assembly Members pay dearly for now and till eternity for this diabolical act of unpatriotism, betrayal and criminality against our people.

In any democracy the National Assembly is the sanitizer to ensure that the rule of law and the principles of good governance are upheld. In any democracy the National Assembly is the final defender of the sacred interests and human rights of the people. In any democracy the National Assembly is the last bastion for the protection of the Constitution and the Sovereignty of the People. To imagine that in the Gambia, we would have a National Assembly that would become the leading weapon for the destruction of the Constitution and the Sovereignty of the People is a betrayal that surpasses even Judas. In multiple places of our Constitution, the National Assembly has immense powers to correct all wrongs in the country. The National Assembly has all powers to check the Executive and bring them to book. Yet these APRC National Assembly Members have not only failed to check the Executive over the years, but they have gone further to change every rule in our constitution just to empower Yaya Jammeh and disempower our people.

After having done everything possible to disempower the people over the years, to now imagine that at its most defining moment, there will be Gambians with such responsibility would consciously and deliberately decide to forsake the Gambia for a tyrant is indeed the most ungodly, satanic and self-hating act any human being could commit.

Let all Gambians know from today that the Number 1 Enemy of our people are the APRC Members of the National Assembly. These are Traitors who have decided today that they value the selfish interest of Yaya Jammeh than the lives of their own mothers and fathers, and their own wives and husbands and their own sons and daughters. They have shown us today that they indeed value Yaya Jammeh more than you and me as the citizens of the Gambia who voted for them into the National Assembly in the first place to serve us. They have forsaken us in order to serve a man who has subjected their own people to all forms of abuse, torture, rape, murder and robbery in broad daylight. Yet they prefer that man to their own people. This is painful indeed.

I wish God would grant me the necessary divine powers today to rain down fire and brimstones on these traitors! Never has the world seen such a group of citizens who could disrespect and hate their own people. These National Assembly Members are indeed the most ungrateful persons ever. I already hate myself for knowing even their names much more sharing the same country with them. I hereby condemn and reject with all the strength in my body this criminal resolution. It is not done in my name and I consider it as an act of treason for which the initiators, drafters and participants must face justice for selling the name and reputation and the future of our country for a mess of pottage.

I am sad. I am angry. I feel betrayed and disrespected. I am ashamed that indeed our National Assembly would subject us to such disgrace in the eyes of the world. Just yesterday Yaya Jammeh disgraced us all by putting a private call to a lady president on national television. As if that was not enough after 22 years of terror, to now have the National Assembly make such a resolution to ECOWAS leaders is indeed treacherous and shameful. How would these leaders and fellow West African citizens now view the Gambia and her people? How could we have the topmost leaders of our society ridicule our people and our dignity before the eyes of the whole world? By their actions, Yaya Jammeh and these shameful parliamentarians have indeed soiled the decent and dignified name of the people of the Gambia. But surely the God of all nations shall not watch them with kindness. They shall pay for this and indeed very dearly sooner than later.

From this moment, I wish to inform all Gambians to realize that the worst enemies of the Gambia are Yahya Jammeh and these APRC National Assembly Members. We shall not forgive them ever in our lives. Over my dead body will I ever witness anywhere anyone speaking about forgiving Yaya Jammeh and these hopeless Parliamentarians in the New Gambia. They must pay a heavy price for the rape and torture of our motherland and her people. We must not ever forget that. But after all, I am also not surprised because these APRC National Assembly Members have never ever stood up for the Gambia and her people. They have created every bad law one can imagine. They have defended and condoned every corruption and atrocity of Yaya Jammeh. By now it must be crystal clear to all citizens that indeed these APRC National Assembly Members are the Gambia’s Number One Traitors and Enemies. History shall judge them very terribly.