Halifa Sallah

(JollofNews) It recently appealed to me that the spokesperson of the Gambia opposition coalition, Halifa Sallah, has chosen topics that are very relevant to the future in complementing efforts for peaceful coexistence.

True that only a people who stood up to the challenge to take the destiny of their country into their own hands can sail through these stormy waters. In other words,it is the test of times we are living in after 50 years of nationhood. Could only lament that it is a shame if we failed in that task to sovereignty.

The undisputable truth that governments come and go but the sovereignty of the people remains; constitutions and institutions functions, as in any viable and progressive set up.

What budget will the president-elect inherits when already a deficit of D4.7 billion according to the last budget speech before this political standstill sometime early this year is noticed? And up to D25 billion domestic debt hanging on the out-going government’s neck?

In line with those questions, an online economic magazine-How We Made It In Africa ,have predicted that the Gambia amongst will be on the verge of initiating economic and institutional reforms vital to attract investment, continues to be frustrated due to significant political instabilities of a number of incoming governments in smaller countries in sub-saharan Afica.The other country it named in the similar situation was Guinea-Bissau.

A word for the wise is enough,the good old saying has it.Having been tipped-off, one can be optimistic that those impending circumstances awaiting us in the darkness, like-minded people like Halifa Sallah and his contemporaries in the different political entities will have to keep things in proportion.

Prolific writers have tried in their various capabilities to cast some light on the issue, helping decision makers whose duty it is now at this point in time to act. The UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon has just called the President-elect Adama Barrow,which has to be digested in time.

Examples or a few that my limited time allows me to read were the anonymous writer of the king of Bechuanaland where subjects adored their king to the reminiscent of Godliness, sacrilege.

The Torchlight with Micheal Scales in the Lessons of King Canute and the Gambia political impasse,depicting similar scenarios as in the Gambia between the incumbent and his henchmen.

The lecturer in the USA, Dr Bayo Omolola, a day or two before came up with “The Political mess and some lessons”. In it we are reminded of the atrocities that doomed over the region. The Abacha days in Nigeria, Laurent Gbagbo of the Ivory Coast ,Charles Taylor of Liberia and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.

Dr Bayo Omolola advice Gambians to learn some lessons from the histories of those countries that have one time been characterised by political turmoil.

The following observation is the living proof of what Dr. Omolola said that the crises usually spreads indiscriminately if not contained.
It could be recalled that top brass of the APRC who ushered in the coup of 1994 including the incumbent served in the peace keeping mission to Liberia in 1990.The first military experience of the Gambia Armed Forces of that scale since its inception in 1984.

This particular mission was an eye opener, have hardened the combatants for peace and might have undoubtedly hugely contributed to the moulding of characters and thoughts.

One thing is for certain as Dr Omolola stated:”present and future generations of the country will never forgive anyone who intentionally plunges that country into turmoil and blocks its progress”.

Foday Camara