Dida Halake

(JollofNews) – Please help me send out an SoS to my uncle in Banjul.

It is unusual, highly so. My uncle the Silent Banjulian is the Minister of Information in the cabinet of Out-Going President Yahya Jammeh. And yet, we have not heard from the Minister of Information since before the now controversial election of 1st December 2016.

Surely my highly erudite uncle must have something to say about this matter of national, regional and international importance. Surely, this is the one time that the nation wants to hear from the REAL Gambia’s Pen (as opposed to the imposter currently enjoying his second stint Yahya Jammeh’s 7-Star Hotel).

The last time we heard from my uncle was in November 2016, when he declared that “Bakau belongs to the APRC!” (did the APRC infact win Bakau??). Since then Uncle has gone silent – even when we see him in the video of the cabinet meeting featuring the Brave Methodist Bishop’s brave words to the King of Kanilai. What did my Uncle think of the Bishop’s words??

Come to think of it,

What does my uncle think of the election itself?

What does my uncle think of the current impasse over the results?

What does my uncle think of the fact that Gambian society is deserting uncle’s Government?

What does uncle think of the fact that uncle’s own beloved Godfather, the infamous Amadou “I am Yahya Jammeh’s Manager” Samba, has abandoned ship and is with the “enemy” in Dakar?

What does uncle think of the fact that Uncle’s beloved partner of 22-years, FJC, is rumoured to have abandoned ship and is with the “enemy” in Dakar?

Have you, uncle, taken over from Amadou Samba and FJC as Yahya Jammeh’s “Manager”?

Please uncle, speak to us, the world awaits to be enlightened by your wisdom. Why uncle, or why do you leave us at the mercy of the Mad Bad Sam Sarr’s RANTING?

Surely, President Jammeh would be better served with lettered words from his erudite Minister of Information, not rants from some New York Alley Cat?

Please uncle, we await with utmost suspense for your words of wisdom – like the pearls you thundered at the BBC after Solo Sandeng’s murder and the arrest of Lawyer Ousainou Mandela Darboe!!!

Please uncle, speak!

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,
London, UK