Dida Halake

(JollofNews) – “Mentally ill as a result of the September 1994 incident”, writes Ebrima Chongan of his then fellow-detainee Sam Sarr.

“The incident” Chongan is referring to was the mock execution of Chongan and others at Mile 2 Prison by the AFPRC Vice-Chairman Sana Sabally, Edward Singhateh, Hydara and Yankuba Touray. The “executioners” fired into thin air in the grounds of Mile 2, put Chongan and the other “dead” in another cell, and, as they passed Sam Sarr’s cell said: “WE ARE COMING FOR YOU TOMORROW!”

Sam Sarr went crazy with fear, apparently defecating in his cell and drinking his own urine in front of others – to make sure that everybody knows he is mad!

Please bear in mind that the boss of the torturers is Yahya Jammeh himself, the man Sam Sarr is prepared to die for today, 26th December 2016. Jammeh was the Chairman of the AFRPC. This is what Sam the Mad said to his fellow inmates in January 27 1995, after he regained his sanity and rejoined the other prisoners for what they called their “Daily Press Conference”.

Sam Sarr: “I am pleased I am no more a member of the AFPRC because I don’t want to associate myself with the killings, torture, illegal detentions etc. He also used to say that anybody who worked with the AFPRC guys would be equally guilty of the crimes they have committed”.

Pardoned by the same AFPRC and elevated to the rank of Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Sam Sarr visited his former “Daily Press Confrence” detainees in the prison – and tortured others himself! Then he started in The Gambia the very first T.V. Show Trial – where Sam Sarr brought his torture victims onto the television screen to confess.

Samsudeen Sarr

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the man acting as Jammeh’s Ambassador to the United Nations today and calling himself Jammeh’s “Last Loyalist”. Sam throws in the line that Gambians “want to lynch me” for being loyal to Jammeh. That is a lie, but a useful lie.

Sam Sarr’s lie is useful because when he is called to answer for his torturing of fellow Gambians in the future, he can turn around and say “This is not reconciliation, they are persecuting me for being Loyal to Jammeh”!

Sam Sarr has never been loyal to anyone except himself. Sam ran away to the USA and wrote a devastating book about Jammeh – and only recanted last year. Jammeh paraded Sam Sam on GRTS – and called Sam Sarr a “LIER” on TV (an irony there for the man who tortured and paraded his victims on TV!).

Today, in support of Yahya Jammeh, Sam Sarr threatens the safety of Gambia’s Incoming Administration should ECOWAS force Jammeh out of power come January 19 2017 (which means Sam Sarr loses his livelihood too).

A prominent member of the Adama Barrow Coalition, OJ Jallow, is responsible for facilitating the unqualified Sam Sarr’s enlisted into the Gambia Army – and Sam Sarr’s gratitude is to threaten OJ Jallow and his election colleagues.

Sam Sarr’s rant about Senegalese intentions do not require a response. When I entered Jammeh’s Cabinet Office at State House in 2007, Jammeh pointed to a map on his wall and said “Dida, all this was Gambia before the British gave our land to Senegal”.

My answer, infront of his Minister was curt: “That is provoking Senegal Sir”. Of course there was no such thing as Gambia or Senegal before the European partion – as with most of Africa’s boundaries.

Sam Sarr can rant on about Senegal but this time it won’t work. The only way Jammeh can prevent a military invasion to remove him from power is to allow President-Elect Barrow’s Inauguration on the 19th of January 2017.

Mad Bad Sam Sarr, if Jammeh blocks President-Elect Barrow’s Inauguration on the 19th of January 2017, the World, not just Senegal, has decided that force will be used.

The United Nations Security Council will give legal authority for that within the day. Of course you will be allowed to attend the UNSC meeting as Jammeh’s representative and rant as much as you want as an “interested party” – but the vote authorising force against Jammeh is a forgone conclusion and it will be 15-0 since a ranting-right does not entitle you to a vote. THIS IS THE MESSAGE YOU NEED TO RELAY TO JAMMEH.