President-elect Barrow and Jammeh

(JollofNews) – The situation in the Gambia is like a donkey and a carrot. Gambians are still fooling themselves that great change will arise with the new government setting in. They see progress, stability and peace.

They fail to analyze the fact that the new government comprise of people who are like hungry wolf waiting to pounce on the left over or they have their private agenda to get richer. What I see and the people just not like to face the reality is as follows.

The government will function peacefully for some months or a year.

Individual parties will have their self interest in different fields.

Corruption will sky rocket.

In fight between parties will bring the progress of the country down.

Private and government land will be stolen and sold in the name of progress.

Each party will demand prosecution of the Jammeh government members including soldiers, police etc for their personal gain.

False allegations of the few honest who served the Jammeh government.

In simple words, the Gambia is flying into a dark cloud of uncertainty.

It’s not too late, have reelections again and let President Elect Adama, Mr. Jammeh, the IEC and the international forces monitor the fresh elections sponsored by the UN and be satisfied with the results.

The 1 December 2016 elections were rigged and it is very clear. but people fail to realize it as they have only one thing on their mind “Jammeh Must GO.”

People, stop fooling yourself. Open your eyes and face the truth. Bring the Gambia in the right track. Dont be blinded that you only want Jammeh to go.

Written by JP