Yankuba Sonko, Inspector General of the Gambian police
Yankuba Sonko, Inspector General of the Gambian police

(JollofNews) – Police in the Gambia have called for calm ahead of tomorrow’s presidential election.

Tension is currently high in the Gambia  as 886, 578 Gambians choose between President Yahya Jammeh,51,  who has governed them since July 1994 and his challengers Mamma Kandeh of the Gambia Democratic Congress and Adama Barrow who is heading a coalition of opposition parties including the Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), the National Convention Party (NCP), the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) the Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress (GPDP).

Although the 14-day campaign which ended yesterday was generally violence free, the Gambia Police Force is advising Gambians to proceed on their legal businesses upon casting their votes, and avoid loitering or grouping around polling stations.

The police called on Gambians to maintain ‘absolute calmness, law and order throughout the electoral process.’

1422 polling stations across the country will open from 07:00 am to 1700 hrs and votes will be counted on the spot as soon as the polls close.

The Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission has reassured Gambians  that the election will be  conducted in an accurate, transparent, free and fair manner and the final results would reflect the true wishes of the electorates. It called on the political leaders to accept the outcome of the election.