President Jammeh greeting his supporters in Wassu
President Jammeh greeting his supporters in Wassu

(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has used his re-election campaign to unveiled some of the development programmes he intends to undertake in the coming years.

Mr Jammeh who has ruled the Gambia since July 1994 and is seeking a fifth presidential term, said the goal of his government have always been to bring development to the door steps of Gambians.

He added that since he assumed power, his regime has accomplished a lot in terms of human development and the results of next month’s election  would determine whether Gambians want to see a continuation of that development in the country or retrogression.

“I am not forcing anyone to vote for me but the economic superpower status I have been talking about lies on this upcoming election,” Mr Jammeh told thousands of his supporters in Wassu, Central River Region (CRR).

He added that his government will push for the electrification of rural Gambia and there are plans to provide electricity to the few remaining villages that are yet to be electrified.

Mr Jammeh added that in his efforts to empower Gambians, his regime would break all the barriers that limits the opportunities of Gambians from poor communities.

He said one of such empowerment programmes will be the introduction of free university education in the country in 2018.

” Any student performs well in his/her Grade 12 in this coming academic year would be among the first beneficiaries of the 2018 free university education programme in the Gambia, Mr Jammeh added.

“University education in the Gambia will no longer be what you have, but what you know.”

school-children-wassuCommenting on the disproportionate number of Gambians embarking on the risky illegal migration to Europe across the Mediterranean, Mr Jammeh said his regime would continue to provide more opportunities for youths.

He adviced the youth to avoid venturing into illegal immigration as it is not accepted by western countries he said would do whatever possible to deprive them of their basic human rights while on European soil.

He added: “If you go by the back way, which yesterday was not illegal for the hungry white man to come to Africa. Now it is illegal for Africans to go to Europe.  The world is three days; yesterday they fooled us, they came and overstayed for 400 years, and that is why I’m talking a strange language.

“The dialect I’m using is neither Wolof, Jola, Mandinka nor Serere because we were told if you speak white man’s language, you are civilised. If you take a white man’s name and surname then you will go to heaven. They took everything and left because they thought that we were going to die of starvation.”

Mr Jammeh challenged the youth Africa to be wary of politics being played by the West to set Africa ablaze. He said their backers achieve their ill-gotten intention by inciting the youth to believe that their leaders are not good, and brand them as dictators. He urged the youth to remain focus on their studies and avoid the vices of social media.