Gambia(JollofNews) – It is true that the effects of the apostolic light become less and less as we are removed farther and farther away from it, but this does not mean that no effort is to be made to regenerate that light by enforcing “Shariat” and upholding and defending, with all our energies and power, the way of life taught by Hadhrat Mohammad (SAW).

For; had the Muslims before us thought so, there would have been no trace of Islam left anywhere by now, because there wouild have been no means through which the lesson and the teachings of “Shariyat” could have reached us. Therefore, it will be fatal for us not to check the present negative attitude towards Islam. We should adopt a vigorously positive line for our own sake and also for the sake of future generations. The time is moving fast, and so is the pace of deterioration in the religion of Islam. The situation demands a srong, quick and determined effort by one and all for arresting the rot and stopping further degeneration of the Muslim society.
   As a rule, existence of true Islam depends entirely upon the perseverance and collective effort of its followers. Unfortunately, they seem to be deficient in these very requirements. We must appreciate that the “Quran” and “hadith” are full of the lessons in calling the Muslims to be active and to persevere in the path of Allah. There is a “hadith” about a very pious person who may pray night and day all his life, but he cannot come to the level of one who strives and sacrifies his pleasure and comfort for the sake of guiding and helping people to move on the right path of Islam.
   On this very point, many commands and injunctions in the “Quran” exist. It is clearly brought out that the one who strives hard in the path of Allah Ta’ala remains superior and exalted compared to all other: for example,
“The believers who, without a reasonable excuse, sit at home, cannot equal those who perform “jehad” in the path of Allah with their lives and wealth as compared to those who stay at home. To the former, He has promised a blessed abode; Allah has exalted the “mujahideen” over those who stay at home, with glorious reward: pompous ranks, His mercy and forgiveness; and Allah is forgiving and Merciful.”
 Although the above verse refers to “jihad” (holy war) against the infidels and unbelievers in order to uphold the teachings of Islam and subdue and subjugate faithlessness and “shirk” and, although we are unfortunate in not having the opportunity of fulfilling that sublime task, we ought not to throw away any chance of doing something, however small, in the direction of propagating the truth. Only then can we expect that one day our humble efforts and insignificant perseverance may gather momentum and impetus for bigger and higher performances.
Undoubtedly Allah Ta’ala has promise to provide protection for the way of life propagated by Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW). But human effort and perseverance have been defined as the only media for its promotion and advancement. The Companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) strove untiringly for that purpose and, assuredly, they succeeded and were the recipients of high rewards. They had the houour of receiving divine help and assistance. We, being their admirers and believers, ought to try and follow them and prepare ourselves for the propagation of the “Kalimah” and the message of Allah Ta’ala. Thus we will also be favoured with divine help and assistance:
“If you (come forward to) help the religion of Allah Ta’ala, He shall help you and make you steadfast.”
Most of us think that, as we ourselves do not possess the essential virtues and qualities of Islam, we are not competent to perform the duty of propagation of those qualities among other. This is a clear misunderstanding. Since an obligation has to be fulfilled, particularly when we have been commanded by Allah Ta’ala for that task, there can be no question of denying obedience to it. We must set ourselves to work in obedience to Divine command. Our efforts then shall, “Insha Allah”, gather greater strength and make us more determined and resolute. In this way, our sustained Endeavour on proper lines will one day bring us the great honour of being dear to Allah Ta’ala. It is against the convention and the Sunnat of Allah Ta’ala that, if one perseveres and strives for His sake (religion), He would not condescend to bestow favours and kindnesses because the person was not competent or fit for the task! This point is fully brought out in the following hadith:
 Hadhrat Ana (RA) relates: “We inquired of the Holy Prophet: ‘O Prophet of Allah, is it right that we should not enjoin virtue unless we practise all the virtues ourselves, and should not forbid the wrongs unless we ourselves completely abstain from them all? ‘Nay,’ said the Prophet, ‘do enjoin others to practise goGambiaod deeds even though you do not practise all of them, and do forbid evil actions even though you do not abstain from them all’”.
Most of us take it for granted that the religious schools, the “Ulema”, the saints who have their seats at various religious places (Khanqah), and the religious books and magazines are sufficient activities for the fulfillment of the mission of “Amr bil ma’ruf wa nahi anil munkar” (Tabligh). These efforts, they think, are enough to meet the requirements of Tabligh. Undoubtedly, the presence of all these is absolutely essential and one must look upon them with reverence and pay attention to their problems, as the very institutions, but they are not enough to meet the situation even partially. The task is stupendous, considering our present weaknesses and the extent of the problem. To be content with the existence of these few means will be a grave folly on our part.
Even to derive full benefit from these institutions, we have to create, within ourselves, a true and a deep respect for the faith of Islam and a burning desire to adopt it in our practical life. Up to fifty years back, people did possess real love, urge and passion for Islam, and there were visible signs and manifestations of Islamic way of life. In those days these institutions could perhaps meet the demand adequately. But, today all our sentiments and feelings for Islam are practically dead, because of the continuous onslaught on our faith and social structure by various foreign object! As, instead of love, we seem to possess a hidden inferiority complex towards our religion and faith! Obviously, therefore, we must act quickly and wrest the initiative from the hands of opposite forces and launch a strong counter-effort, whereby we are able to revive the dead spirit of each and every Muslim and rekindle In him the love and attachment for Islam. Only then can we derive full benefit from the existing religious institutions which, in turn, can serve the community in a befitting manner. Unless such steps are taken vigorously, the present state of complacency will spread deep and wide, and instead of these institutions, which are doing good in this limited way, may meet the fate of total extinction.
There is a great misunderstanding that, whenever one takes up the work of enjoining good and forbidding evil, he is not received well by the people. The people invariably treat him badly, using harsh and insulting language. Also, that sometimes people tend to adopt a mean and contemptuous attitude towards religious workers. This is true, but we are apt to forget the fact that the performance of the act of propagation means simply to follow in the footsteps of the prophets of Allah Ta’ala, who were always the victims of the worst type of treatment. That is the usual and destined disposition of those who take to this mission! Indeed, all prophets had to suffer untold miseries on account of this, as is clear from the following verse:
“And we sent down prophets before you amongst people gone by, and no prophet came to them but that they ridiculed him.”
The Holy Prophet (SAW) once remarked: “No prophet has suffered more than me in the propagation of truth.”
It is obvious therefore that there is no justification for giving rise to such misunderstanding. As we profess to be the followers of Hadhrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) who himself had suffered in the performance of this very mission, but took everything cheerfully and with forbearance, we must also follow his sublime examples and show patience and calmness while performing the vital duty of “Tabligh”.

To be continued.

Courtesy of Fazail-e-Amaal