Gambia(JollofNews) – Gambia news outlets in the DIASPORA are the most boring news media in the World. All they talk about is President Jammeh. (What President Jammeh is doing wrong?) Most news is Garbage, lies, one-side, propaganda, repetitive and boring.

Is Gambia news medium in the diaspora focus mainly on President Jammeh’s fault giving blind eyes to the development that is going on in the Gambia .As you might not know I visited almost all the Gambia news outlet at latest once a day, an average of 10 stories is written about President Jammeh a day. Just June alone, going through the news media in the diaspora, we have come across over 400 stories on Jammeh.95% of the story is focus in the negative side of the president.
Why not talk about our humble nation, the Gambia. The developments, how about the beauty of Gambia and its people? How about our WOMEN, beautiful cities? Popular destinations, how about stories about our cultures, relationship and our religion .People will be more interested in knowing such things than writing garbage and unreadable stories about president Jammeh.
These website focus only on the most spectacular news, and don’t give equal measure to the proportion of good news to bad news. They write and play mostly bad news, which makes viewers think the Gambia is a terrible place to live. The media just tries to fame with sensationalism.Gambia
I think that the media puts way too much emphasis on negative stories about Gambia. Anytime that I turn on the news or visit a news website, I hear about the worse things happening in the Gambia. I hear far more about negative stories then I do about positive stories. This makes me not want to turn on the news or visit a Gambia news website
I personally think that the Gambia media in the diaspora focuses on ratings and circulation. They cover a great deal of unimportant stories, the rest of the bad news is simply the most spectacular news of the day, and it can be awful at times. Good news frequently isn’t really news.
Let’s look at some great news on other Gambia news outlet that you will never see on the Diaspora News Outlet.

Here is few news TRENDING
2, Gambia at World Swimming Championship @ Standard Newspaper
3, President has the interest of youths at heart URR governor tells IYD participants @ Daily Observer
4, Gambian fashionista to feature in African Fashion Week London @ Dailyobserver
5, How woman can change man @ Dailyobserver
6, US appreciates Gambia’s contribution to combating terror @ thepointnewspaper

Take a look at the top diaspora news outlet that talks more about President Jammeh
1, GAINAKO NEWS lead the chart
When I talk about it, they are like he is attacking us or accusing us. The true you cover a great deal of unimportant stories for your own benefits. Don’t just sit on one side of the fence and give blind eyes to the other side.
Editor’s Note: This article was first published by the author on his Facebook page.