Mr Scales(JollofNews) – Michael Scales, a retired British businessman and honourary citizen of Gunjur village has once again demonstrated his generosity by donating US$300 to JollofNews.

In a message to the management of JollofNews, Mr Scales said: “As a friend of the Gambia and an avid reader of JollofNews, I am pleased to make this financial contribution to help keep this great paper online.”
He added: It will be a big tragedy if we sit by and allow a paper like JollofNews to be taken offline. This paper has over the years not only provided alternative news of Gambians both in the Gambia and Diaspora but also gave us the space to have our say on their stories and the political situation in the Gambia.”
The management of JollofNews wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to Mr Scales for the donation, which is timely and will go a long way to keep this great news organisation online.
‘’Mr Scales’ donation will be used towards the payment of our hosting fee and improvement of the paper. We therefore thank him for the kind gesture and hope that he continues his efforts in these regards.”