(JollofNews) – Experts from World Health Organization are currently in Gambia for a fact finding mission to examine the level of Gambia’s preparedness on Ebola.

The experts on Wednesday visited the Quarantine Center at the sanatorium in Banjul, capital of Gambia, and various border posts where health officials are stationed for Ebola testing related check for those entering in the Gambia.
The envoys are in Banjul through the invitation requested by the Gambia ministry of Health and Social Welfare to assess the country’s level of preparedness on Ebola and to help capacitate the relevant actors in the prevention and control of Ebola.
On Tuesday, WHO experts held a day orientation session with health officials on Ebola preparedness in the country.
Paul Cox, one of the WHO experts from WHO headquarters in Geneva said the team comprise experts from various ranges drawn from various places such as U.S. CDC, England and Germany.
“Our strategy is in line with the procedures and conducted interview with various actors on their specific roles and responsibilities on checklist looks at coordination, rapid response, public awareness, community engagement, prevention and control, case management, logistics, surveillance among others,” the WHO expert said.
“After our mission we will give some support to some of the activities that are ongoing with their campaigns on Ebola and other Health related issues, and the long-term benefit of the mission is that the country is going to have the chance to deal with any public health disease in the future,” Cox said.
Source: Xinhua News Agency