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New Public Transport System For Gambia

GPTC buses(JollofNews) – The Gambia Government has launched a new public transport system to succeed the Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC) which was disbanded last November.

The Gambia Public Transport Service Company (GTSC) which currently has 50 new Ashok-Leyland buses will provide reliable means of transport to the Gambian public.

According to Isatou Njie-Saidy, vice president of the Gambia, GTSC which was established as part of the government's efforts to alleviate poverty will provides relativelyGPTC buses cheaper means of transport and services the public especially low income earners.

Mrs Njie-Saidy added: "GTSC will not only bring relief to the travelling public, especially low income earners and students, but will also generate a lot of employment opportunities both directly and indirectly. The economic benefits are huge in terms of the number of people who stand to benefit, from the general manager right down to the fruit and other food item vendors who would be commuting on the buses."
Written by JollofNews


-5 #8 2013-06-18 08:37
That's right, but we have to be positive about this one.If we have the right team to manage the company,it would be better than what's in Banjul at the moment.The mini buses and taxi's are too expensive for the avarage Gambian.

It would cost the working man/woman D1200 a month just to go to work. Therefore i think that this is good news that all Gambians should support.
+3 #7 2013-06-15 22:13
Thank you very much Bax, for your indepth knowledge and insightful reflections. The SSHFC has been used by Yahya Jammeh as his own investment portfolio. He used it to buy the premises of the NTC, one of the most attractive properties at Welington and Buckle Streets. Many of us that worked in The Gambia and contributed to the SSHFC were told that our pension contributions were used by the Jammeh government and that we have lost our contributions. I share your concerns, why disband GPTC and form a new cooperation?
Yes, it is good to have good transport services, but unfortunately, everything that Yahya Jammeh does is in his own personal interest. Yahya Jammeh uses every development project to skin the Gambian people.
+4 #6 2013-06-13 12:25
Hang on a minute...Didn't the government just disband the GPTC...? What is the rationale of disbanding GPTC,only to form GTSC...? Couldn't these 50 buses have been given to GPTC,under a new management,but under the same (legal) instruments and structures...?

GPTC was established by an Act of Parliament,so we know exactly who owns it and how its profits (if any) should be utilised...

How was GTSC established...? Since the funds to purchase these buses came from SSHFC,instead of Central Government,I am tempted to ask..."Who owns this company...?"

Since the funds in SSHFC belong to Gambian Workers,one wonders what sort of arrangement was reached with them to invest their monies in what seems to be a private company...certainly,it doesn't seem like GTSC is a Public corporation...

And most importantly,how do they get their money back if GTSC fails,like GPTC..?

The idea of public transport is welcome but transparency is needed...
-7 #5 2013-06-11 22:54
LionKing,Papier re and Mike fish sacales. I couldn't agree more. However, I would like to see a responsible person head this new opportunity for employment. Thank you President Jammeh. May Allah continue to guide and protect you. amen.
+3 #4 2013-06-11 20:52
These donated old rags look like they can use a JUNK YARD dump.

Gambians, Keep yourself and family safe by staying away from these unsafe busses. Do not chose cheap over your safety.
-6 #3 2013-06-11 16:14
Gambia must tackle these fundamental infrastructure problems head on...and using sound economic principals.

I hope...the Gambian government do proper long term planning of such important pay handsome dividends to the people..and its commerce and progressive future.
-6 #2 2013-06-11 14:17
I agree with you Papierre. However,G.T.S.C must maintain a routine maintenance on these Buses inorder for them to last long.The general public must also know that these Buses belong to them and it is up to them to keep them in good shape. No sabotage!!!!!
0 #1 2013-06-11 05:55
May be this is just me. But the gov't has very little place in the transport arena. River (ferry) transport n some form of long distance travels like Banjul-Soma-Farafenni/Banjul-soma-Basse. This makes perfect sense. But deploying a large fleet 4 all routes including the kombos is a terrible mistake

The kombos is already well served by a variety of private entrepreneurs n that is doing well so far. One reason 4 the demised of GPTC was that citizens in the kombos don't want to jump into a bus when a mini-van can do the trip in less than half of the bus's time.

Also, giants don't get resurrected. Haven't we learnt anything from our attempt to bring back GPMB in the form of GGC in the 90s?

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