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Correction: Re—Former Gambian MP Paul Mendy Dies In Detention

Paul Mendy(JollofNews) – Reference to our yesterday's story, we have been reliably informed that Paul Mendy, former MP for Kombo South passed away at the Serrekunda Hospital.

Mr Mendy who was the operations and logistic manager at President Yahya Jammeh's farm took ill some days after his release from detention.

He was taken to the Serrekunda Hospital where he passed away.
Written by JollofNews


-6 #3 2013-06-06 23:35
Just to add a little to your statement, if you know some of the jollofnews staff, they are determined to live by professional standards of what they call themselves but other media staffs are rebels under the name of journalism to protect themselves and protect their selfish interest. When I say some are not journalists I get so many kicks here but just as I said am waiting for the day when Gambia will be welcoming some of these so-called journalist as heroes and I will be welcomed as a rebel. They took every Gambian to be a fool to write anything for us to believe in them since we fighting a “dictator” not knowing any lie they make give them ten steps back in their mike mouse freedom fight.
-5 #2 2013-06-06 21:50
I could not agree with you more...Pa Pierre.

Ive got the "breaking news" blues.

I am of the opinion that Gambian's are ready to believe anything.

The more sensational and outrageous...the more they "tune in" for more.

I make no secret of my admiration of Jollof News.

It really is the last sensible and credible outpost.
-4 #1 2013-06-06 02:44
If u need news that is impartial and covers all sides adequately, then Jollofnews must be your permanent source of news. They report only the truth. But when they get it wrong, they are eager to rectify themselves. That is a thing of beauty since no one is perfect. By admitting mistakes n correcting them right away is a sign of strength n confidence in one's craft.

If u do not understand what am talking about, read other gaambian online news. They report outrageous stories, a day later, when the whole world knows the material is cooked up, they go back to their achieve n yank the story, leaving everyone confused n wondering where the story has gone to. Cowards engage in this malicious practice.

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