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Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh Calls For Muslim Unity

Yahya Jammeh (JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has challenged Muslim leaders to stand up and unify the Islamic world.

Addressing the 12th Session of the Islamic Summit held in Cairo, Egypt, Mr Jammeh said Muslims across the world are suffering in their countries and being humiliated in the non-Muslim world due to the failures of Muslim leaders to protect and care for them as enshrined in the tenets of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He added that although Muslim countries possess incalculable natural and human resources which if positively utilised could salvage humankind from the chronic suffering they are compelled to endure, cases of severe poverty and starvation that afflict the poor and the weak and wanton destruction of lives and property are more acute in the developing countries and the Muslim world.

Mr Jammeh said: “As I speak, the world is going through many challenges, particularly in the Islamic countries. We have all witnessed the trials and tribulations and the dramatic changes that are taking place day after day in this part of the world. We can only face these problems through sustained solidarity and cooperation. What is needed is to muster a unified strategy and objective based on the true tenets of Islam to restore the ideals and great values upon which our organisation is founded.
Yahya Jammeh Yahya Jammeh is keen to be seen as a devout Muslim
“It is baffling that we continue to witness Muslims killing one another, seeing our brothers and sisters suffer, living in shelters and very deplorable conditions. Since the advent of the Iraq war, we have seen one Muslim country after the other fall into turmoil and internal strife with innocent civilians being maimed or killed, mosques being bombed and properties destroyed which is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

“During the time of jihad, the Prophet never destroyed any church or attacked any Christian in the name of Islam. Islam means total submission to the will of Allah and Allah has enjoined all Muslims to work together, support one and other and give Zakat to the poor and the needy so that even the poor would not suffer. Instead of supporting one and other Muslims are killing each other.”

Mr Jammeh noted that although the Islamic world has been blessed by Allah to be the ‘wealthiest of nation’, these endowments from Allah are sometimes being used to kill Muslims and sending women and children into refugee camps.

“The time has come for our organisation to stand up to unify the Islamic Ummah,” he said. “If we, as Muslims, are afraid of defending our religion, defending our Prophet and defending our values as Muslims, then are we truly Muslims? The supreme law and constitution of all Muslims is the Sharia law and the Holy Qur’an.

"Today we hear people who claim to be Muslims saying bad things about the supreme law prescribed for us by Allah. Anybody who claims to be a Muslim and criticises sharia cannot really be a Muslim. Do we as Muslims want to go to Allah’s heaven or we prefer to be friends of non-Muslims. Do we prefer to deviate from the right path and when we die go to hell? Allah says in the Qur'an: “Fear nobody but ME”.

If we want to go to heaven we must go by the guidelines set for us by Allah in the Holy Qur'an."

He appealed to Muslims to reconcile and be resolved to put an end to all conflicts within the Islamic world and amongst Muslims.  

“War and carnage are the works of Iblis [satan],” he said. “War and violence will never solve problems but rather worsen them. I urge all Muslims to replace confrontation, strife and violence with love, patience and dialogue. I think that it is now very clear to every Muslim and non-Muslim alike, that when we fight as Muslims against each other, those who become refugees as a consequence find it difficult to enter into non-Muslim countries as refugees.

“Therefore, we should know that if we choose to fight and destroy our countries, we should not be surprised when we find ourselves homeless or hungry. Because we should know that violence and confrontation leads to destruction, and not to development and freedom.”   
Written by PK Jarju


+2 #18 2013-02-25 20:47
He's only a grunting pig and hence will always be a pig,the most disgraceful animal in creation.
+4 #17 2013-02-23 10:13
...cont from below...

Just who, except his stinky ‘scum-self’ is currently responsible for the numerous countless harassment & sufferings, killing & maiming & enslavement of the populace in our part of Gambia today.......??? yaya can think he can fool some people some time & get away with as he & cohorts had done on their advent on July 22 1994 BUT MUST be foolhardier , to even suggest he can continue to do so with impunity; we will get to the end; which is hence & about! Yaya CAN’T fool God.
+6 #16 2013-02-23 10:12
Quote LIAR jammeh “...Muslims to...failures of Muslim enshrined in...tenets of Islam...teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)...”


If yaya jammeh ever posses anything about his fake-degree it’s about ‘doctor in Almunafism’. The Almunafiq-LIAR thinks his ‘non-believer’ double faced-attitude can safe keep him continuous afloat in power...? yaya jammeh can hold the AlQur’an & ‘pray beads’ in his left hand, proclaim Allah & prophet/s, preaching faith & harmony whilst the right hand held dagger stabbing life/soul out of he pose to a deity/idol worship.......??

...cont above...
+4 #15 2013-02-18 09:41
May Allah have mercy on his brutal soul. The end is going to be nasty for hin one day.
+8 #14 2013-02-17 01:50
Jammeh is turning Gambia to an Islamic state,He want to implement Sharia law in the Gambia.What he don't know is that The Gambia is a secular Country not an Islamic state,We don't want Islamic or Sharia law in our country.We don't want one man to dictate our future,Jammeh has failed as a leader,He should not have been a leader in the first place,he and his thug aka Nia,junglers,Gr een boys has ruined the beautiful country,People are living in fear.The vast majority of Gambia detest this man.
+7 #13 2013-02-13 22:34
Yaya is an infidel trying to brain wash the Muslim community with his so-called piousness whilst he just a Muslim hypocrite. He can only fool the blind who doesn't know him well but this man is the worst creature on earth.
Let him free imam Baba leigh for God sake.
-20 #12 2013-02-13 14:42
The proprietor of the Mbowen Clinic in Kanifing, Dr Tamsir Mbowe, has brought to the attention of the general public through this medium that an unknown subscriber has opened a fake account on his behalf on the popular social media, Facebook, using his photo and that of his clinic.Mbowe, who is also the director general of the President’s Alternative Treatment Programme (PATP), said this unknown individual has been using this account with the name Mbowen.Mbowen.
He wants to inform the general public, both here and abroad, that he has never opened a Facebook account nor has he ever asked anyone to do so in his name. He told the Daily Observer that he has since reported the account to Facebook and that he is awaiting action.“All those who are friends with Mbowen Mbowen or any other account with his name or photo are hereby being notified that the person they are communicating with is not Dr. Mbowe. He can be contacted through his mobile number; 9914535,”(Observer)
-22 #11 2013-02-13 12:06
i sometimes get mad when seeing an intelligent person using an unrespect words or insult in the public web , it is not done a sign of respect should be concern , i bet if one day those in a habit of using lies and insult to others would be one day be public people would stop.again people may thought there words of lies against other are not in record though u use fake email is rather u use ur proper adress and email u mst be caught . alarm to those with there habit of abuses words and fabrication against otheres.
+10 #10 2013-02-13 01:31
This jankading is more than a hypocrite,I hope and pray he die and roast in HEll
+11 #9 2013-02-12 22:29
What a hypocrite! A good Muslim will practice what he is preaching!!

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