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Journalist Abdoulie John Released Again, On Bail

Abdoulie John1(JollofNews) – Abdoulie John, Gambia editor of JollofNews has been released again. Officials of the Gambian National Intelligence Agency (NIA) released him this morning, Thursday, 10 January, on bail.

But he is expected to report on Monday, as per his bail condition.

John, who also reports for the AP in Banjul, was first detained in December after an altercation with President Yahya Jammeh`s photographer, Sulayman Gassama. He was covering the release of Senegalese soldiers captured by rebels in the Southern Senegalese region of Casamance.

He was then released following wide international condemnation of his illegal detention on the orders of the NIA Director, Numo Kujabi.

However, he kept on reporting to the NIA`s offices in line with conditions for his bail, even though he couldn’t be charged with any crime, until his latest detention last Monday.
Abdoulie John1
It is increasingly looking like the NIA is on a fishing expedition after failing to get any incriminating evidence to prosecute the journalist.

In fact it was his refusal to hand over his lap top and mobile phone to the investigators that prompted his detention.

Before his release this morning, the Officer Commanding the NIA Investigation Office, Sukuta Jammeh, told John that he was still under investigation.

“He elaborated on a number of issues regarding State Security. He then informed me that they will continue to keep my laptop as I am not complying with their demands. They still want me to open my email box. I refused categorically,” John told JollofNews.

As in December, during this latest detention John said he was on hunger strike since Monday.

“I am ready to sacrifice my life for my liberty...,” he swore.

The journalist also extended appreciation to all those who shared concern for his safety.
Written by Kemo Cham


+3 #6 2013-01-12 05:59
RKK/LK/BK probably has something to do with the arrest of John, have you noticed that the. Village Idiot has not said anything about this case. That Sukuta Jammeh who wants to read Johns emails should know that we have him on our target list.. He will answer to this crime one day
+3 #5 2013-01-10 23:15
“I am ready to sacrifice my life for my liberty...,” he swore.
"It is better too die fighting for freedom than to stay your whole life in slavery".I really respect your determination,M r John,may God guide and protect you from those evils.
Gampatriot,Mike and Ever true, am sorry that i couldn´t respond to comments for some days back because i was the time confused by jollofnews.Great and thankful to them that they provide me the space for mind again.Mike, Happy new in return, i took your advice and my eyes are now ok.
Gampatriot,You are right that too much of organisations/political parties are not helping.Is a pity that some Gambians allow their political parties to divide and rule their minds over their national interests.A small country like the Gambia,i think we don`t need that much political parties because our political ignorance is causing too much problems and divisions.
Ever-true, if Mr Fatty is not careful in sharping his sword,he may hurt himself.
+3 #4 2013-01-10 21:53
John is a rare brave Gambian. I think that Jammeh is blind if he does not realize that intimidation will no longer work with Gambians as we are sick and tired of his tyranny and misery.
+3 #3 2013-01-10 18:59

....decent Gambia since June-1994...

should read-

...decent Gambia since July-1994;
+3 #2 2013-01-10 18:56
A sigh of relief for Mr John & family, colleagues & friends, & all sane humans particularly concerned for the anomalies which took grip of decent Gambia since June-1994; when calamity befell & a Satan in human incarnation called yaya jammeh, who superimposed himself on all humans in Gambia & Gambia itself as a community. I salute Abdoulie John for his courage; may Allah continue to render him the courage & regain his freedom, & timely reward yaya & his murderous elements in kind sooner. SURELY yaya jammeh & whoever participated in these heinous crimes will reap whatever they sow soon; as history’s always on record in written copies, tape, digital &/naturally in our minds. Whatever’s ‘borrowed’ WILL get ‘paid’.INSA ALLAH
+3 #1 2013-01-10 18:39
Mr John is a very brave and principalled journalist.

This must be very all fair minded onlookers.

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