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Jammeh Accuses EU Of Trying To Destabilise Gambia

Yahya Jammeh(AFP) – Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh on Tuesday accused the European Union, which has urged him to respect human rights, of trying to destabilise his country and blackmail him "with chicken change."

Jammeh was speaking Tuesday evening during an emergency meeting with his cabinet ahead of a planned meeting with the European Union slated for Friday in Banjul.

"What the EU wants is to create a situation of instability in this country or create a puppet government that will give them the resources of this country because they know that we now have oil," Jammeh said in a meeting also broadcast on state television.

He did not give details of the oil discovery.

Among the 17 demands by the European Union is for Jammeh's government to abolish the death penalty, re-open closed newspapers and private radio stations, give foreign diplomats access to prisons, and repeal draconian media laws.
Yahya JammehGambia's Yahya Jammeh
"If they think that they can blackmail me for their chicken change, they must be fooling themselves because that will not happen in this country," he said, before announcing that there will be no meeting between the European Union and his Government on this.

"This is an insult; the laws of this country will never be amended to suit the interest of any individual of particular group. As a sovereign state, this country's laws would not be amended because the EU want so," Jammeh added angrily.

The European Union in 2010 cancelled 22 million euros in budget support to the Gambia due to concerns over human rights and governance.

The European Union remains the leading aid provider for Gambia, with a total of 65.4 million euros of grants allocated for the period 2008-2013.

The west African nation, the smallest on the mainland, has long been dogged by rights concerns under Jammeh's administration.


-6 #171 2013-01-21 09:32
RKK, Gambiano, Banna Kora & etc... Kudos to you all for putting records straight. Just returned from the "Smiling Coast", indeed that coast is smiling. People don't have time for cyber talkatives, they are busy building themselves and their nation. They are enjoying peace & security that other nations don't take for granted.
The night I left, 3 flights left BIA one after the other, filled with visitors. A week ago another new airline has joined the many others....
Those who think otherwise about Gambia... BAYELEN NYU HANDOOR
+5 #170 2013-01-18 22:17
Quoting RadioKangKang:
Ibrima Jawara,a son of former pres. Sir Dawda Saikou Almamo Kairaba Jawara. has lunch a book title: THE ACHIEVEMENT OF PRES. JAMMEH.

"Distraction is a destruction"

"Don't mistake activity with achievement."

May Allah help to cure your mind from your ignorance and help to cure your heart from your heartless attitudes,so that together we can build a Gambia without a dictatorship.
+3 #169 2013-01-18 21:49
If Ebrima Jawara writes a book about Jammeh that doesn't surprise me at all. For one thing , Jammeh has made the former First Family virtual beggars in a way that they have to rely on his handouts.
-10 #168 2013-01-18 21:22

Ibrima Jawara,a son of former pres. Sir Dawda Saikou Almamo Kairaba Jawara. has lunch a book title: THE ACHIEVEMENT OF PRES. JAMMEH. The tangible and intangible. Is about 360 pages.
+6 #167 2013-01-18 19:18
Banna Kora.

Now your really confused chum.

April 10th and 11th 2000. Kids were shot dead along with Omar Barrow.

Not November 11th 1995.

Thats when it is alleged that several young soldiers were shot in the head via summary execution.

I witnessed the first...I can believe the second.

A buried truth shall rise again.
-11 #166 2013-01-18 17:25
Assan you are lying. You have enjoyed your trip to the smiling coast. You went clean and returned clean. SO DEFUT DARA, DARA DULA JOT. What must have those guys done to be killed? The Nov 11th students were told not to demonstrate. But because the crude and cowardly opposition elements were behind they induced others to an illegal gathering. They were shot because they advanced to seize ammunition from the PIU. Though hard, always bring the truth to bear.
Kill or attempt to kill in the US or EU and find your rightful place.
+5 #165 2013-01-18 16:22
Quoting Bax:
November 11th may have been a coup,but most of the soldiers were ARRESTED or DETAINED ALIVE..Do you get that..ALIVE. The family of Lieutenant Gibril Saye attested to the fact that he came home after the "coup" was quelled..It was only later that "disappeared".

Witnesses at Yundum Barracks narrated how Fafa Nyang was murdered in broad day light.

What about the Ghanian and other West African citizens,mistak en for mercenaries and executed without any serious investigations..And Sgt.Illo Jallow..Conned,cornered and murdered by his own colleagues.!

How much longer are you going to gloss over or ignore this heinous crimes against our people..What is it worth to you guys.?

Gambiano..So your reference to people building structures was referring to the physical progress that the country is making.? Is it really.?

Well said Bax! Just came back from Gambia today... There has to be a stop to this madness.
-11 #164 2013-01-18 02:48
Scarlett Pimpernel, I was in the Gambia when Koro Ceesay was burnt in his car. That shocked the whole nation. I felt the lost of our young brother. May Allah reward him Aljana. Ameen.

Bajaw, Becareful,by the meaning of that hadith. How do you judge between the right and wrong,if you dont know what is right and wrong? these is why we're deating here.

b4africa, We will stand with our Black African leaders against the EU/White peoples. You see "All whites are from the sam mother" that is why they love one another. "All blacks are from the same father" that is why we fight one another. And the sad thing is that "Arabs has no father,no mother" You see there is a big differences. YOU SABI?
-11 #163 2013-01-18 02:46

Well-said! They're educated-fools!
-11 #162 2013-01-17 23:16

Tell me, on which planet do you spend most of your time?

Or do you want me to start typing in Mandinka, Wollof, Jola, etc?

May be you only understand canine language. Wuw! Wuw! Wuw! Wuw! Wuw!

Do you really understand human language?
+6 #161 2013-01-17 22:49
It's sad that the likes of Radiokangkang ,Gambiano, Lionking etc are putting material ahead of human lives. Building structures is more precious than the lives of Koro,Deyda, and the like. People are taking their parents to Mecca , correct but do you guys know the criteria behind the money taking one to Mecca? Radiokangkang knows better, DEFFA TEYTEYLOU REK. And to you Radiokangkang ,I wish Sheikh Umar Fullata from Jamiatul Islamiya your mentor unless you deny it ,hear talk such crap. He will kick your behind . Ma salama ya khi.
-11 #160 2013-01-17 22:02
Gambiano, These educated fools are the likes of Muhammed Chalabi of Iraq,he has being used by the west to help mobilized Iraqi's against Saddam but he later arrested and put in silence forever. Killing became a daily event in Iraq,only after Saddam. Also in Libya,they help the rebels in Benghazi to overthrow Gaddafi but,the rebels turn against them to killed 4 U.S. diplomats. During Gaddafi's regime there was no such killing a diplomat in Libya. When are we going to learn from history and start using our brains wisely?

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