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Senegal Drivers Boycott Gambia Over Currency Fight

Driver(AP) – Drivers in southern Senegal have refused to cross into Gambia after Gambian officials began demanding that all fees be paid in West African francs.

Papiss Toure, president of the drivers collective in the southern city of Ziguinchor, said the boycott of Gambia began Thursday and involved drivers throughout the region.

Gambia is a tiny sliver of a country that cuts into the middle of Senegal, separating the southern region from the capital, Dakar.Driver

Toure said that until recently, drivers had been able to pay taxes and other fees using Gambia's dalasi currency. However, Gambian officials have begun demanding payment in West African francs because of the dalasi's weakening position.

The boycott has forced passengers trying to reach Dakar to travel by ferry or circumvent Gambia by going through eastern Senegal.


-2 #7 2014-01-07 18:38
The_____Chicks_ ______have come______home---to roast!!!
+4 #6 2014-01-05 16:10
And where did this one come from...??? Isn’t yaya jammeh treating his very own national Dalasi currency, of HIGHEST legal tender in the Gambia as garbage?? This shows the abhorrent state of our economy under yaya’s misrule & mismanagement. No wonder Taiwan was “asked” for personal delivery of “dollars in cash” grant disbursement, as Gambian resources & state, public, private & personal properties were abused by yaya WORST than the Jawara regime he claimed to overthrow. This indicates how SHAMELESS yaya can be, falsely hoodwinked-claiming for economic success & prosperity for whom...; certainly NOT for us, if not for his scum-self...? All can remember the reproach we made here, when yaya reacted for Senegalese traders at some point asking for CFA cash transactions as opposed to Dalasi in Farrafeni, & landlords & ladies asking for foreign currency payments for rent in KMC & Kombos, etc...? Yaya jammeh & cohorts are a very big temporal JOKE for the Gambia.
-3 #5 2014-01-05 10:03
His Excellency, General, Alhaji, Doctor, Professor,Dada etc Yayah Jammeh is a cure to Gambia
+4 #4 2014-01-04 18:22
This is a very disturbing situation and may indicate the emergence of extreme structural deficits in the Gambian currency markets.

The Gambia does not have the ability to call upon vast industrial reserves or financial liquidity to pay its government bills.It is already running a significant budget deficit.

Its debt repayments are heavy...its agricultural and tourism economy is seasonal...and it requires an adequate amount of Foriegn keep the whole exchange in liquidity.

The weakness of the the tell tale signal from the international exchanges..that all is not well.

There are no quick fixes.

The donar community and the IMF, may need to keep a close eye on all available data... especially inflation and VAT tax reciepts and any slippage in fiscal management.

One thing is certain...things are tough for the majority of Gambian's.
+4 #3 2014-01-04 14:59
Quoting Mike Scales:
Today..£100 gets you 6173 Dalasis

In 2002 £100 got you just 2000 Dalasis.

Good news for tourists...not so good for exports.

I think you meant "imports" as oppose to "exports" since the weakening of the currency makes exports more competitive.

Lots of Gambians on the ground joined Yahya in raining insults at the diaspora Gambians and yapping about how we are unpatriotric. Now, we are entering a stage were all Gambians on the ground would start to see and feel the fruits of bad governance...I predict a bag of rice will go for D3,000 by June this year while the average government salary is D2,500 per month! With regards to their saving accounts in Dalasis which they have worked for all these years, let them just take a look at the recent history of the Zimbabwe Dollar!
+6 #2 2014-01-04 14:29
Serious trouble and bad news for every Gambian at home...The rate of the Dalasi's depreciation is frighteningly alarming...It is becoming very obvious that all the claims of economic development are empty ones because these would have been reflected in the strength of the Dalasi...

It is utterly disgraceful that our own government is rejecting our currency for another...Since the Dalasi is a Legal Tender,won't this be a crime...? It will certainly be a prosecutable one if an individual was concerned...

There is no hope for the Gambian economy if this government continues to be in office...It will only get worse,because that stiff necked fool (Jammeh) thinks he has a philosophy which he will not change...
+6 #1 2014-01-04 00:14
Today..£100 gets you 6173 Dalasis

In 2002 £100 got you just 2000 Dalasis.

Good news for tourists...not so good for exports.

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