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Gambian Detained For Bad—Mouthing Jammeh Freed

kah(JollofNews) – A newspaper messenger who was remanded at Gambia’s Mile Two Central Prisons for bad-mouthing president Yahya Jammeh has been freed on bail.

Mass Kah who works for the opposition Foroyaa Newspaper had earlier pleaded guilty to sedition at the Kanifing Magistrates' Court.
kahMass kah
He was said to have committed a criminal offence by telling a supporter of the ruling APRC party to paste a picture of Yahya Jammeh in the sky.

He was arrested and detained incommunicado for over a week before he was charged.

Mass Kah was due to be sentenced on Thursday but changed his plea to not guilty. He was given a D100, 000 bail.

The case continues.
Written by PK Jarju
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0 #24 2013-12-04 00:10
Bax, you are lying. Point's coverage of the first proceeding indicated that Bai Mass Kah pleaded guilty. Their second report on the matter indicated that he changed his plea to not guilty.

By the way Point is no my source. They only corroborated what my sources told me and they were in court.

+2 #23 2013-12-02 15:55 should go on the stage...

your sooooo funny ....lolololol.

I love Gambian's.
+3 #22 2013-12-02 15:41
Yaya Jammeh no Photoshop can make you and your long neck ostrich wife beautiful. You're so damn ugly and you got to understand that in your knuckle head. As the saying goes, a pig with a lipstick is and always be a pig.
+2 #21 2013-12-02 15:29
ooops...meant to write "...They may have made the same error"
+2 #20 2013-12-02 15:28
gambian....I just read the Point report,but it did not report any plea taking...All it reported was that Mr Kah pleaded "guilty",but as I pointed before,they have made the same error...

But you know what..!

Please,yourself ....Bai Mass kah and all who ever pleaded guilty in Gambian courts since 1994 are ALL fools...Period...
+2 #19 2013-12-02 15:22
Yes,Mike...The law in this case is an absolute ASS....I think you are right when you say "Gambians will explode"...

Do you know that even APRC Supporters are now being warned that carrying ugly photos of Jammeh could land them in trouble...
+2 #18 2013-12-02 12:49
My that both the Magistrate and the Prosecutor..are ladies....looking at someone who could be there Dad.?

They both understand Mr a victim of his own honesty...and being legally trained...would no doubt have handled his case get Mr Kah off.

This case is deeply embaressing for Gambia

as was the case of Fatou Camara.

I have always found Gambian's to be rational and sensitive and respectful to there elders.

The other issue is the community. This case is potentially sensitive and could spark a sharp reaction.

One of these days....Gambian's will explode...and Jammeh will be history.

Foroyaa...will no doubt make "capital" out of this...But Mr Kah's liberty should come first...

Sometimes the Law can be an aSS.
0 #17 2013-12-02 07:01
Bax, I charge sheet must always cite the correct law otherwise it is incompetent. Both the wording and the citation of the relevant are important and must go together. The prosecution did a bad job and that saved Bai mass and allowed him to change his plea to not guilty.

Reading foroyaa alone has made you insulate. You got to read our sources as well, like the point to get objectivity. My sources were in court and what they reported to me is corroborated by what the point reported.

+1 #16 2013-12-01 23:51
Our criticisms should be against these senseless laws,rather than against individuals who become the victims...

I suspect that Mr Bai Mass is being called a fool only because of his association with Foroyaa...What other reasons could be given..?

BTW,the amendment only affected the relevant sections and not the alleged words uttered by Mr Kah...

The earlier charge sheet cited Section 51,subsection (1)(A) as its authority,where as the amended charge sheet cited Section 52,Subsection (1)(B)..

There was no changes to the wording of the statement allegedly uttered by Mr Kah...

So if Mr Kah had pleaded guilty at the first sitting,it would not only weaken his defense to change his plea at the second sitting,but what would have been the rationale for the prosecution to change the charge sheet when they have got an admission of guilt already...

Does that make sense to any body...In a misdemeanor case too.. ?
+1 #15 2013-12-01 23:27

Ok,so Foroyaa misled its readers...Tell us where you got your version of proceedings in court from...? Because that was a very detailed explanation you gave...

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