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Gambia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan

GAMBIA-TAIWAN(JollofNews) – The Government of the Gambia has announced it is cutting diplomatic ties with the Republic of Taiwan.

No reason was given by the government of Yahya Jammeh.

The Gambia is one of the few African countries to have diplomatic ties with Taiwan and has in return received millions of dollars in aid from successive Taiwanese governments.GAMBIA-TAIWAN

Taiwan has also pumped millions of dollars into the Gambia's agricultural sector. It has also offered scholarships to hundreds of Gambian students to study in its universities.

During his visit to Taipei last year, Mr Jammeh described Taiwan as an important strategic partner that has helped the Gambia to grow into a stronger nation.

He reaffirmed his government’s continuous support to Taiwan in its drive to secure expanded participation for major international organisations.
Written by JollofNews


+1 #14 2013-11-29 02:13
Aaah... So King Jammeh couldn't get his $10M and now he is mad? Well, Mr. whatever you are, the world does not revolve around you. We don't always get what we want and that is just a fact of life.
So this is your Allah's World Bank you have been screaming about?
Please listen to your critics sometimes and be very careful of the likes of Sabally and co. The Gambia belongs to not just you, muhammed and Mariam, it belongs to everyone who is proud to call it Home regardless of where you were born. Jammeh, please let go of our brothers and sisters who did nothing to you but only speaking their minds. We are one Gambia, One Africa and that, my friend, is what I call a Nation of people..
+4 #13 2013-11-23 09:21
+1 #12 2013-11-16 02:28
I post this comment on kibaaro they delete it . criticize others but no one can criticize you. this people are joke for real. check out for yourself .

Lamin says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
November 15, 2013 at 16:00
Musa Bah & Deyda Haidara : I think KIBAARO NEWS : Should replace their Editorial release on this matter, with your above comments.
Kibaaro News have best educated teem in this business, but they do lot of wired stuff i don’t understand.
Example during New York Demonstration , Kibaaro News decide to publish and comment irrelevant issues till the very last minute. and just few days a go another one in their doorstep they did the-same-thing. now look at how they handle this speculation. this has nothing to do with Scholarship.
-1 #11 2013-11-15 21:00
You are the most stupid bastard Gambian in this forum.
+1 #10 2013-11-15 14:35
I might lament the severing of ties with Taiwan, a country that gained its nationhood from mighty mainland China to be a potential power, (President Jammeh knows the reasons better) but severing ties with the Imperialist Commonwealth grouping is a welcome decision.We have to rely solely on own natural potentials--OUR PEOPLE and RESOURCES-and the mighty African continent with all its uncalculable rich natural resources. True PanAfricanists are with President Jammeh.
0 #9 2013-11-15 09:36
Have anyone of you ever commended Pres. Jammeh for supporting Taiwan to be an Independent Nation?

I have never heard anyone here share his views in terms of foreign policies. But, be rest assured that whatever he did, is in the best interest of the Gambia. Time well tell. Just be patient with him. VISION 2020.
0 #8 2013-11-15 07:46
coffee! your stupidity must have infected me haha
+2 #7 2013-11-15 07:42
radiokangkang... do you need to see people dying of starvation before you WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BLOODY ROSES??!!!! Gambia is about to go down because of dumb suckers like you!
0 #6 2013-11-15 07:39
jungjunkangkang ... you are too dumb for words!!!!!
+3 #5 2013-11-15 05:57
WoW!!! I just finished sending a quick message to my former student studying in Taiwan under the jammeh scolarship arrangement. I am extremely concerned about their plight. His studies was going well. But with this development, i dont know what to think. As i wait to hear back from him 4 an update, i hope better days lie ahead 4 Gambia, in the horizon


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