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Gambians In London Takes To The Street

Gambian Demo1(JollofNews) – Gambians in the United Kingdom Monday held a peaceful demonstration outside the Gambian High Commission in London.

The demonstration which was organised by the Campaign for Democratic Change Gambia (CDCG) was against the country’s recent withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Nations and the on-going rights abuses in the tiny West African nation.

The demonstrators who chanted: “Jammeh must go; Down down Dictator; we are Gambians; we don’t want Yahya Jammeh; Go to hell Yahya Jammeh” disrupted work at the embassy with visitors and staff unable to enter or leave the building. Gambian Demo1

A Portuguese national, who had a visa application appointment at the High commission on the day, was not allowed in, as the embassy staffs were scared to open their doors.  

Mr Yanks Darboe, a member of the CDCG, said they want to prove to President Yahya Jammen and his regime that they would not be cowed by his threats.

“Gambians are peaceful people and will sacrifice all for peace,” he said. “However such sacrifice should not be misinterpreted as a weakness or cowardice.”   

Mr Darboe added that they will continue to hold regular demonstrations to shed light on the plight of Gambians until “we see the end of this regime.”
Written by JollofNews


+2 #4 2013-11-24 10:45
#go get a life. Hanaa bi moii dugal sukur mu gaww? lol
Dengen am jott! Mann demma ruus sah.
Bajaw. Cheh nko, hadamadinggol leh?
Nying WO kai mang timm ma. Maalo beng falla.
Alla fo sojarollu yeah kukeh! Ningwonteng, fangbatando dorrong. Peace!
-1 #3 2013-11-16 15:57
"Gambians in the United Kingdom Monday held a peaceful demonstration outside the Gambian High Commission in London."

Yeah! How many of them, and out of the many of them in the UK? How significant!
+1 #2 2013-11-13 06:32
Boy O boy; i wonder how many organisations there are, whose aims are primarily to remove jammeh.

I cant give a count, n that tells me all i need to know about africans. Typical egomaniacs, obsessed with power. Every single one of them wants to rule n that's why we cant have one united opposition, like ANC.

Jammeh knows that these people are hungry like he was in 94. So, no way is he relinquishing it to them. U want it, u sweat 4 it!
0 #1 2013-11-12 21:21
I hope this time yaya jammeh will not withdraw Gambia from UN after the Common Wealth? & also come to his senses that it’s futile to shun/refuse the “chicken-change” in sheer bravado & lament in agony for EU’s refusal to give. So does yaya NEED the chicken-change?? So yaya jammeh risks losing 10m Euros for poor human rights records???

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