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JollofNews Gambia Affairs Editor Abdoulie John Re—arrested

Abdoulie John(JollofNews) – Gambia’s secret police, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), has detained the Gambian editor of Jollof News, Abdoulie John.

Mr John was detained on Monday after reporting to the NIA in a protracted case that started in December, when he was initially detained following a quarrel with a State House cameraman.

John is also the Banjul stringer of the Associated Press (AP), which had assigned him to cover the release of Senegalese soldiers captured by rebels in the southern Senegalese region of Cassamence, where he was first detained.

The cameraman, Sulayman Gassama, wanted him out of the occasion where the function was being held. The altercation between them prompted the Director General of the NIA to order the journalist`s detention.

An ensuing worldwide condemnation forced his subsequent release.
Abdoulie John
However, just days later, John was again invited to the NIA, where he was told, to his surprise, that he’d been granted a bail, even though he was never charged with any crime.

The journalist has since been reporting to the NIA office almost daily.

Recently, he was told by investigators that he should take along his cell phone and laptop, even though these equipment have nothing to do with what he was being investigated for.

John, prior to reporting on Monday, had ruled out abiding by that order, saying they had “nothing to do with the fracas that ensued between State House’s photographer and me,” he noted in an email to the Gambia Press Union Lawyer, Lamin Camara, and copied to the editorial team of JollofNews.

John was accompanied to the NIA on Monday by GPU official, Lamin Jahateh.

Jahateh said he waited for three hours outside the offices where John had been taken into by the agents, until after working hours, without him exiting.

He said when he asked other NIA officers they told him that “they saw John being taken away by a group of NIA officers.”

JollofNews made several calls on the journalist’s phone before reaching his sister, who confirmed that John had not returned after reporting at the NIA.

Later in the evening, GPU president, Emil Touray, confirmed the arrest of the journalist.

But Mr Touray promised that the Union will do everything to secure his release.
Written by JollofNews


+4 #5 2013-01-08 18:36
The kanilai-monster AT IT AGAIN; the world’s watching over yaya’s harassments & intimidations through proxies who themselves will equally face the consequence just like yaya jammeh will, one day soon. We are all entitled to a stake in national affairs; that’s why Mr John went to attend, an important event of peace in our community & sub-region-if yaya was honest, so as to be able to inform a larger entitled audience, for transparency, accountability, ....... & probity; the same sing-songs of yaya’s lies-mongered-coup d’état............based on sheer GREED & agransement.....??? The world’s watching over Mr John’s life & safety.
+2 #4 2013-01-08 18:21
Enough of the talking, I urge you to call Numo Kujabi (+220) 420 2833 and tell him that we will hold him personally responsible for the well-being of Mr. John. Once he knows that the world is watching, he will be careful how he treats Mr. John.
If we just pointless make the same points here, Numo will feel free to torture John. So, please make a call today.
+4 #3 2013-01-08 18:20
I cannot make any sense of this at all.

Comming against a backdrop of two Sengaliese citizens executed in very unfortunate would have thought this wonderful gesture towards the release of captured Senegalise soldiers..would have been a subject worthy of sustained "positive" media reporting.

We have observed the objective reporting of Abdoulie John over many years.

He was only doing his job and in the process earning an honest living.

He should be released immediately and without further hindrence to his right to work.
+2 #2 2013-01-08 03:49
Deja vu all over again....a small disagreement led Dr Tall to report Chief Manneh to, a small arguement led a mere camera man to report John to NIA...

There is a reason why i blame Jammeh 4 these behaviours.. Jammeh directly n indirectly endose arrests n detention of journalist...

As an original supporter who attended most of the military initial public appearances...i recalled Jammeh telling the griots at Mattarchy square that it was their praise singing that contributed to the Jawara long rule..

Today, anything that questions Jammeh is deemed an offence 4 which u can disappear or get detained for.

Lets be honest, Jawara was no good...but u dont get shot, kidnapped, detained,or see lawlessness like this.

It is time 4 jammeh to know that people like me dont hate him, am a very honest observer who is calling a spade a spade...

+9 #1 2013-01-08 00:42
Seriously folks are these people taking us for a ride? Enough of these endless arrests with false charges. People should rise up, they can't arrest or shoot the entire population . This is crazy!

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