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Gambia’s Jammeh Defends Execution Of Prisoners

JAMMEH AND FIRING SQUAD(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has used his New Year message to defend the execution of nine death row prisoners in the country.

Mr Jammeh said the execution last summer of the death row prisoners including a Senegalese lady was based on the provisions of the Gambian constitution. He warned that in fostering peace and stability in the country, his Government will ‘never compromise’ with ‘criminals’ whose main intention is to stall the country’s progresses.

“When we carried out those executions, we acted within the confines of our national laws, and in accordance with our commitment to the rule of law,” Mr Jammeh said.

He added: “As a nation, we denounce violence in all its forms, and my Government will always maintain zero tolerance for violence, anarchy, murder, rape, drugs, corruption and sadistic criminal disguised in any religion to slaughter innocent people under the name of any cult – I call it cult because none of the main religions Allah’s prophets enjoined any act of violence and mass murder in pursuit of establishing or expanding such a religion.”

Mr Jammeh accused his critics and opponents of ‘hypocritically’ and unnecessarily blowing the executions out of proportion.
He said under his leadership, the Gambia has grown and will continue to grow unabated, for many more years. He added that the country’s economy is expected grow in 2013 due to the good rainy season and increased agricultural output.

He added that to promote and sustain this growth, his Government will continue to maintain and improve on the fiscal discipline and monetary policies implemented throughout the years.

Pledging to continue to serve the country with all his ‘heart and soul’ Mr Jammeh said his Government will also continue to work with the private sector to spur economic growth in order to create more employment opportunities youths.  

He added that although the Gambia has under his leadership made a lot of achievement, Gambians have to work much harder with strong patriotic zeal, honesty and total devotion and submission to God if they want to achieve the economic superpower status on time.

He added: “Armed with our strong faith in and fear of Allah driven by strong determination to succeed, working together as one united family of a nation, we shall reach the promised land of highest standards of living where poverty is relegated to the dust bin of history and greater happiness, peace and everlasting prosperity will be the order of the day. In essence an economic superpower that would dwarf the current day military superpowers or economic giants.”

The Gambian leader said as the year 2020 draws near, it is incumbent on Gambians to unite and work together in order to achieve their national targets irrespective of their political differences.

“To transform the Gambia into an economic superpower requires sacrifice, hard work, patriotism and honesty on the path of each and every one of us. There is no other route or short cut,” he said.

Mr Jammeh expressed the need for Gambians to respect each other if they are ‘to remain knitted as one family’.

He added: “It is imperative that we endeavour to understand one another and avoid inflicting discomfort or pain on anyone else. As we gear up for the New Year, we should be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead for this great country. I am confident that, together, we can surely build and transform this country into one that will be the envy of the world.”

He said the Gambia under his leadership will continue to uphold the banner of peace, development and cooperation and adhere to a foreign policy of peaceful coexistence and respect for one another’s sovereignty.

He added that as part of his desire to help build a harmonious world of lasting peace and prosperity for all peoples, his Government will continue to develop and strengthen friendly cooperation with all friendly nations and participate actively in efforts by the international community to deal with global issues.  
Written by PK Jarju


+3 #18 lmjameh 2013-01-07 17:26
Yaya jammeh is a murderer, fake Muslim, drug trafficker, pretender and the worst leader to lead our beloved country The Gambia.
We had enough of everything about him.
+12 #17 2013-01-06 15:47
Tobacco road.

Manslaughter is NOT a capital crime.

If as Amnesty International, Article 19 and The Commonwelath Human Rights Inititive claim, 3 of the 9 executed were still awaiting there appeal against the death sentence...

Then the legal implications could be enormous.

They may have been executed prematurely.

Halifa is saying that all 9 prisoners were not availed of the basic right to have there last will and testament heard by a family member.

The corpses have disappeared.

I think Halifa captures the sombre mood of the nation at this hour, in his New Year speech.

I am deeply moved towards his distress.
-5 #16 2013-01-05 00:05
Quoting Tabacoroad:
Thanks Michael, the problem is many gambians cannot differentiate what is a murder case and a manslaughter.

U probably are right...most of us are not shakesparians...

We rely on the basic interpretation of our 5 senses

If a healthy body lies a casket..the layman like me says he is dead.

Unless it is natural or other natural phenonenom, this is a murder..
+7 #15 2013-01-04 13:56
Thanks Michael, the problem is many gambians cannot differentiate what is a murder case and a manslaughter.
+7 #14 2013-01-04 09:13
Quote LIAR jammeh “...with our strong faith in and fear of Allah driven by strong determination to succeed...”


Yaya/LIAR jammeh has proven to be the ‘Adolf Hitler of West Africa’. Yaya ALONE single-handedly killed more Gambians, Africans & other nationals FAR more than the whole of Mile II murder-inmates had committed. Yaya jammeh sacrifices humans in idol worship, murdered & round up innocent peasants in name of witch craft. He still continues to do worst socially & economically than before as ALL indications points to his perpetuations. Gambians MUST put REALISTIC agenda to see to yaya’s back PERMANENTLY IF we are to be SERIOUS in getting rid of him.NO ONE DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY THAN YAYA & his murderous agents.
+12 #13 2013-01-03 22:14

I do not think this is purely an argument over the pros and cons of the death penalty.

It remains an option under the Gambian Constitution.

I favour the death penalty for certain crimes. I believe most Gambian's agree with this view.

We could argue that the executions were done for all the wrong reasons.

We could argue that the protocol was neglected.

Tabara Samba, through her actions caused the death of her husband.

Was this a senseless act caused by temporary anger, unpremeditated and one that under normal circumstances she would undoubtedly regret and show remorse?

That given to appeal...most higher courts would take a view of murder reduced to manslaughter, on the grounds of diminished responsibility, with a recommendation of rehabilitation and
the possibility of future release on license.

She was after all the remaining parent.
-11 #12 2013-01-03 18:33
One thing why I respect Senegalese is that,they can fight about politics all they want but you will never hear them insult each other. Our parents deserve some degree of respect and the there are certain things that the non Gambians shouldn’t know about us. We can support or opposed our government all we want without naming our parents’ parts. Please,I am begging everyone to exercise some maturity by letting our points heard without threats or foul languages. Remember both sides have some good and bad ones but it is the duty of the good ones to speak up against injustice because goodness always outweighs badness
-12 #11 2013-01-03 17:36
Michael,Thank you for being neutral here! After this tragic incidence,I chose not to discuss this topic anymore because my brother's wife cries whenever I start talking about her brother. I was informed that Tabara Samba exhausted all legal rights and was just waiting for her fate. I was/am not aware of any claims from Amnesty that called for her innocence or whatsoever. However,this doesn't mean that Amnesty didn't do it. I will try and do more investigation and will let you know.
-8 #10 2013-01-03 17:30
Each time i defend the death penalty, i feel like i am carrying a heavy burden.

Like i stated b4, death penalty must be enforced to make reckless people think twice b4 they engage in reckless or angry acts

But, under the Jammeh scenario, the idea of enforcing the DP, is as frightening as playing hide n seek with lions..

U will be surprised that on July 22, 1994, me and some of my pals, flagged a heavily armed military truck at west field junction around 2pm.

They pulled over, we congratulated them, n then said,'get us uniforms n weapons'. They calmly responded, 'don't worry, everything is under control"

Jammeh has outlived his welcoming..Too many violence...Too many disappearances...too many mayhem..

Gambians don't need this....we are smash bottles on tables, everyone flees,..n we are heroes...not 4 battles we fought...but for battles won by publicly smashing "defa meer"
+11 #9 2013-01-03 15:39

May I take you at your word, that you lost your family member in such tragic circumstances. For which I offer my sincere condolancies to you and your family and children.

As you were obviously close to this case.

Can you confirm that Ms Samba was one of those claimed by Amnesty International awaiting her right of appeal?

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