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Gambia’s Opposition GMC Renews Calls For Jammeh’s Removal

Mai Ahmed Fatty(JollofNews) – The Gambia’s opposition party, Gambia Moral Congress party (GMC) has renewed calls for the removal of President Yahya Jammeh and his Government.

In its New Year message, Mai Ahmad Fatty, leader of the party said there was little to celebrate for the past year as many Gambians including Imam Baba Leigh remain under custody without lawful cause, and some due to flawed judicial process.

Mr Fatty said the Gambian people remain paralysed by fear while the Government of Mr Jammeh intensified its oppression.

He added: “People get killed for merely voicing their opinion, the media remains severely muzzled, enforced disappearance has become institutionalised and allegations of new devices to kill people under custody with slow acting poison endemically rife.

“The rule of law remains hostage to the law of might. Democracy and good governance have been violently banished, and a life of poverty imposed on a creative, Mai Ahmed FattyGMC leader, Mai Ahmed Fattyindustrious populace. Forced labour for Jammeh replaced the dignity of labour, and the economic and financial resources of our nation have been transformed for the exclusive exploitation of one man as his personal estate or asset. Jammeh has to go.”

Mr Fatty added that over the past year, the Gambia continues to produce the highest number of political refugees per capita in Africa, while the country’s army continues to lose its dominant Gambian character.

He said the Jammeh regime has continued to proliferate orphans and widows, converting the country into a silent killing field. He added that the country’s amended Criminal Code (2004) and related penal legislation have become arsenals of oppression to stifle dissent, while the constitution vociferously raped and desecrated.

He added: “The nation is driving at a senseless velocity in a vehicle without proper breaks. All Institutions of State have been destroyed, and what remains is less than a skeleton of a State. Jammeh has to go.”

The GMC leader commended his colleagues in the opposition, online media, friends of the Gambia and civil society organisations for their indomitable roles in the liberation struggle.

He also paid tribute to his family “who bear the brunt of the sacrifice of deprivation of our minimal resources in favour of the struggle, for my long absence during political sojourn, for being my number one supporters, and for believing in my greatest passion - the liberation of the Gambia.”
Written by PK Jarju


+8 #6 2013-01-02 22:32
Ever True,

May you remain forever YOUNG.

Unity for Gambian's remains the elusive dream.

Yet when you play football...I give you 10 out of 10 for teamwork.

Maybe you should replace your politicians with soccer players?

We insist that Baba Leigh should be found and his condition explained.
+8 #5 2013-01-02 18:06
Mike Scales

You deserve your hard earned reputation for objectivity and incision. Sometimes I do not agree with you, but I always accept that you provide legitimate justification even at the few times that I would respectfully beg to differ. I have always known that there is a good English Head on the shoulders of this wise old Britisher of all Britishers.
+5 #4 2013-01-02 17:59

I concur with you. That is why Mr. Fatty of GMC has been calling for a unity of the opposition movement. It is very encouraging to see others join his voice. However such a call does not preclude him from pursuing the mandate of GMC on a party project. Call and search for unity does not dissolve the party's political programs into abyss. This same principle governs other Parties as well, and that is why UDP will hold its rally on the 5th Jan. 2013 on their own as a purely partisan affair without consultation or coordination with other parties as a united initiative. This is where the Petition comes in too, as a GMC party initiative.Yet all of the parties, and as I read with the exception of NRP are members of the Group of 6 where they harmonize on common policies, and still reserve particular areas for themselves. Having said that I support your rights to express your legitimate views without restrictive censor from anyone supervising this forum.
+7 #3 2013-01-02 17:50
Where is Baba Leigh ?

In 5 years time..will they say...

" He's in America " ?

Or will they say...

" Go ask Baba Leigh " ?
0 #2 2013-01-02 15:20
Mr DarboeQuote:
They should take pride in being Gambians and should not allow their sectarian political views to make them shy away from speaking the truth.
After all we are first and foremost Gambians before being members of any political organisation or grouping.
We are convinced that if we are serious in our desire to make our country better for ourselves and our children, we should be able to forge ahead into the future with trust and confidence.
We must in the coming months be prepared to engage in a national dialogue that will address governance issues of every nature in this country.I am sure we can do it if we accept the fact that we are all Gambians and we all wish the best for our country
This what is expected from the opposition leaders.Not waiting for unity but Calling and seeking for unity with actions,is all what we need at THIS TIME to give us hope.Suspend your political interests for a while & UNITE since there is no political space in the Gambia
-4 #1 2013-01-02 12:18
i think u are without any forther words to reveal to Gambian people against our president jammeh , ur words now to said remove jammeh on power remembered he jammeh was not help to jump over the fence to the state house , he was voted to lead our country still we gambian need him to held the post of leadship .

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