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Ex—Gambia TV Director General Dies

GRTS Modou Sanyang(JollofNews) – The former director general of the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), Alhaji Momodou Sanyang, has passed away.

He is reported to have died this morning in the Gambia after a protracted illness.

Mr Sanyang joined the state broadcaster over three decades ago and worked his way up the management ladder.

He was famous for presenting the evening news in Jola and Kamick a Jola, a weekly request show programme.

Mr Sanyang is regarded by colleagues as a brilliant radio and television editor who edited a number of flagship television programme.

He was a member of the board of directors of many companies in the Gambia including the Daily Observer Newspaper.
Written by PK Jarju


+2 #30 2013-01-05 02:37
As we extend our condolence for the departure of Alh. Momodou Sanyang and prayers for Allah to have mercy on his soul, we must not forget about the fate of Imam Baba Leigh whose crime and where about until today remain unknown. Let us not forget that Allah is just and shall surely exercise justice one day thus we ought to act with prudence.
-3 #29 2013-01-03 14:56
Working like a dog,I missed the comment posted by Gallant Soldier. Can anyone help me? All I know is that it contained threats. Both sides must abstain from threats and insults if we want this to be the best forum. We all come here for a reason and that reason must not be compromised.
+7 #28 2013-01-02 16:23
Pa Pierre,

I agree with your stand and observation...and I did express the possibility of a Hoax...but erred on the side of caution, regarding the explicit munitions content.

As you further observed...

Jollof Editors reacted swiftly and with due diligence and caution.

I also agree that Jollof does practice an open door policy for all views without bias of favour.

+4 #27 2013-01-02 08:35
There is a reason why i read Jollofnews more than other newspaper.

These people represent what we collectively call a media. I may not agree with them, but i always respect them.

They are very unbias and don't seem to be advancing an agenda

I salute your action by quickly deleating that statement of threat.

We are a peace loving civilise people here. I think u must proceed to report it to the authorities. because as i said, u owe the peaceful Gambians that role.

Mike Scales, this is no hoax.. as u pointed out, this guy seem to be very familiar with what he was saying.. Ordinary Gambian soldiers dont know that filthiness and that's why jollofnews must report him.

Finally, am not happy jollofnews deleated my other post, as it contained nothing illegal. But i respect their judgement
0 #26 2013-01-01 21:50
The post by 'Gallant Soldier' should be taken seriously. It's what is defined under the UK terror laws as propagation of terrorism and as a UK registered website, Jollof news is legally required to report any terrorist threats to the authorities. I think the editor will live up to their responsibilitie s. Jollofnews needs to be aware that UK laws are different from American's laws and it can be sued for malicious publication even if the comment is made in the commentary box. that is why all UK online papers moderate their comment sections. Jollof news editors should start moderating their comment boxes.
+5 #25 2013-01-01 21:44
High Commendation to Jollof News for there diligence to peaceful exchange.

A prosperous and peaceful New Year to all.
+7 #24 2013-01-01 20:55
May be an elborate hoax. But the munitions info is quite explicit.

The last thing Gambia needs is terrorist insurgency.

Jollof News is British based. I think Pa Pierres alert and request is more than reasonable, requireing immediate precautionery action from the Editor.
0 #23 2013-01-01 19:34
Management of Jollofnews, this message is from Papierre Gomez..

U owe the civilised community an obligation to not only delete the threat by the so called 'galant soldier', but to report it immediately to the authorities.

This individual is advocating violence....u have to report this immediately to the authorities.

U cant allow your forum to be used by such an individual.. it is wrong

it is morally wrong. Report it right away
-7 #22 2013-01-01 12:20
Galant soldier, You aren't from our GNA,thereis no Gambian soldier who would be a coward to hire another soldier to do a job that they champion. Gambian soldiers aren't afraid to die. Please,dont underestimate Gambians by the size of our country my friend. if you got jokes you're welcome!!!
-3 #21 2013-01-01 01:10
'Power corrupts..absolutely power corrupts absolutely'!!!!

When a man lays on his casket, he is humble, he is forgiven by all who pays their respect...n for the time being, he is pure, atleast in our eyes..

As we enter the newyear, lets us all be pure now..

Pardon me.. my beef with the late Sanyang is simple.. what was his role in the disappearance of Chief Manneh.. Did he use all his power n influence to free Manneh???

Manneh's family is grieving n continues to even today...

One thing i do know,, if i die today,,,these types of question marks dont linger around my rich manure remains

U can grow your coose, corn, cassave, rice on my remains n i will be fine with it????

Truth be told, i feel i have to fight 4 Manneh n Hydara. I love reading news n any harm to any journalist, bothers me,,,except,,ex cept,,, pa Nderi...he is no journalist..

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