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Activists In 22 Cities Raise The Alarm On Gambia’s Human Rights

dictator_jammeh2Amnesty International
(Statement) - On Friday 22 July, thousands of activists from 14 different countries worldwide will come together to raise awareness of the human rights abuses occurring in Gambia, in a Global Day of Action.  
The global demonstrations coincide with a national holiday in Gambia called ‘Freedom Day.’ The current Gambian president Yahya Jammeh created the holiday to commemorate the day he assumed power in 1994.dictator_jammeh2
Another coincidence of timing is that Gambia’s government has this week charged former Gambia Press Union President Ndey Tapha Sosseh and four other activists on trumped up charges of treason,
To raise awareness of abuses like this in Gambia, Amnesty International is organising demonstrations and solidarity actions with partners in cities across the world, from Lagos to Glasgow
The Amnesty International Campaign Digest Gambia: Climate of Fear Continues to be launched on 22 July details nine cases of abuse, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial execution and torture.
The human rights situation in the country has deteriorated since the last Amnesty International report on Gambia was published in 2008.  
Journalists and members of the opposition are frequently harassed and threatened, and some have been unlawfully killed.
Journalists, lawyers and activists have been frequently detained illegally when suspected of providing information to news agencies, or investigating issues the government finds sensitive such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
Some of the detentions and imprisonments have a trivial basis.  In March, parents and relatives of a political opposition leader Mai Fatty were detained briefly for displaying a poster bearing his picture.  Last year, an opposition leader Femi Peters was jailed for using a loudspeaker.  Human rights defender Edwin Nebolisa was jailed for inviting the daughter of the President to a human rights event.
In June of this year, staff and members of the newly elected executives of the Gambia Press union were repeatedly questioned by members of the security forces, and of course, this week we have the government charging   activists with treason.  
Amnesty International is encouraging all people in the United States, Europe and Africa to join together on 22 July 2011 to call on the Gambian government to uphold its people's basic rights and freedoms.
We specifically call on Commonwealth to ensure that the Gambian Government respect and protect the rights of Commonwealth citizens and foreigners resident in the Gambia.  

Demonstrations and public solidarity events for human rights in Gambia in the following countries:
Benin: Cotonu
Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou
Canada: Toronto
Ghana: Accra
Mali: Bamako
Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt
Senegal: Dakar
Sweden: Stockholm, Uppsala
Togo: Lome, Aneho
USA: New York, Washington DC, Seattle, Annapolis
UK: London, Glasgow
Zimbabwe: Harare


+1 #14 2011-07-26 03:56
I dont know how they protest in BENIN AND ZIMBABWE where there is no Gambian, but next time you can go to the UN HEADQUARTHERS where all countries has representatives , then the whole world can hear you at once. In Gambia july 22nd is our independence day and we celebrate it in thousands, we rule our destiny, LONG LIVE THE GAMBIA.
+1 #13 2011-07-23 02:02
Quoting Revolution:
While 1000s are demonstration OUTSIDE Gambia, 100s of 1000s are celebrating what they call THEIR revolution INSIDE Gambia.
Which of the 2 is more SIGNIFICANT for the AVERAGE Gambian. Ponder on that!

In Scotland, 23 protestors (of which 1 gambian) and 2 passer-bys.

Just like a fly on an elefant's tail
+1 #12 2011-07-23 00:25

"..Just search Gambia on Twitter and see what people are saying..."

Do I hear TWITTER?

And you say people are sleeping.

How many Gambians, (forget the cyber zombies), I mean Gambians on the ground who even know what twitter is, let alone twitt?

Are these twitters the basis of you opininon polls?

Suma waaji, yaw kañ kontinel sa handoor'ji :zzz
+3 #11 2011-07-22 21:30
Criticism is not enough what we looking for is action be it Gambia or any where else. How long will they continue to criticise when the voiceless continue to suffer? We know for them to operate well they need the backing of the powerful governments that are bend on double standards. This is where the problem is and this is why most may see me anti west. Am always looking at the standards of the preacher.
+2 #10 2011-07-22 21:16
You have now seen my point and my focus is always institution that I believe if they live to what they stand for then Gambia issue is just minor thing to solve. But the problem is any time people notice you are bias and not a honest brooker, it becomes difficult for one to listen to you. You see when you read and interpret with sense as I am senseless, you make sense out of it. I wish people are intellegent like you to understand. My focus here is always the institution that is making the intervention or comment but am not disagreeing to what ever an individual judgement is. When you read with a free mind you tend to understand but by seeing ML and just jumping to conclude my message dont help.
-2 #9 2011-07-22 19:52

And it is also not quite true that Amnesty does not criticise Western/Israeli governments. Amnesty International has criticised Israel during the Gaza Outrage and called for Israeli officials to be investigated for war crimes.

Amnesty also criticised the UK government for the way children are treated in immigration detention centers,which forced the UK government to change its policy with regards to families of illegal migrants with children.

It must be noted that Amnesty International cannot enforce its decisions,but merely exposes wrong doings to pressure governments into acting to remedy such situations.

But for intransingent & arrogant governments like Israel & Gambia,Amnesty can only expose & hope that common sense prevails or the world demands that these governments respect their citizens' rights.
+1 #8 2011-07-22 19:39
My dear ML,many in these forums will continue to disagree with you because you focus too much on the INSTITUTIONS instead of THE MESSAGES THEY CARRY.

Amnesty International is a Non-governmental Organisation that stands for the defense & protection of the rights of ALL Human Beings.

It focuses its attention on 'third world countries' because unlike the West,where national institutions exist where citizens can seek redress for any wrongdoings against them or their family members,these countries ( like The Gambia) have no such institutions to turn to.

For example,the families of both Chief Manneh & Deyda Hydara have no recourse to justice. They even risk arrest & detention if they name the suspected culprits.

Whereas in the UK,for instance,Beniya Muhammed,a Uk resident detained at GITMO,has won his case against the UK government for complicity in torture and is due compensation.

Herein lies the difference.
-1 #7 2011-07-22 13:25
Nothing to offer other than drag me into cyber war of words. The unfortunate thing is that you educated man call for freedom of expression but condemn the one that differ from yours. What did I even say which is wrong and much more are you responding to me on-behalf of Amnesty International? Did I say National Amnesty? Is good that you reading a lot of nonsense that its from this nonsense you making your sense. I have no time for cyber war but give you more nonsense to make sense out of it. It will be better to get to the ground and turn your sense to reality than 17yrs all we continue reading is the same that will never be translated into action.
0 #6 2011-07-22 13:12
100s of 1000s are celebrating what the call THEIR revolution INSIDE Gambia.
This is biggest rubbish i have read or heard all year round.Get a life man.Wake up from your deep sleep and slumber.Trust me,I just cannot understand the rubbish some people come out with on this forum.Mind boggling to say the least.Just search Gambia on Twitter and see what people are saying and it is just a tip of the iceberg.
0 #5 2011-07-22 11:57
While 1000s are demonstration OUTSIDE Gambia, 100s of 1000s are celebrating what they call THEIR revolution INSIDE Gambia.
Which of the 2 is more SIGNIFICANT for the AVERAGE Gambian. Ponder on that!

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