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Halifa Is An Icon Of Generational Inspiration

Sulayman BahA Rejoinder to Papa Kumba Loum
(Opinion) – The politics of gossips and personal attacks are not the politics of the 21st century; Mr Loum has to learn from the evolution of politics in the Gambia up to where we are today.

I have came across your article in which you opined the risk of Halifa and PDOIS been redundant in the struggle against Jammeh, your reasons for this statement is summarised as follows,1 because Halifa/ PDOIS requested a concept paper or a time notice to attend a joint rally with other parties. And secondly you made mentioned of the Pa Samba and DUGA saga.

T o be honest Mr. Loum you don’t deserve an answer from Halifa hence your claims could only be categorised as semi political gossips. Mr Loum we all know the position of each opposition party, and their viability in creating alternative governance in Gambia and the potentials of each party for providing a shadow government. Mr Loum, if time could permit me I will supply you with PDOIS`s policy on each national sector of development then the readers will be the judges.

What is wrong with PDOIS not accepting to have a joint rally without a shared concept or mechanism for a change? What has happened to the mechanism that binds the group of six under whose banner parties could fight issues collectively? Mr. Loum the answer to this questions could be simple I am certain that PDOIS will never want to be a victim of political inconsistency.Sulayman BahSulayman Bah

You will agree with me that Jammeh is not the only problem to Gambia`s politics today, but other political figures as well. And I will swear to you Mr. Loum PDOIS is not an obstacle to change, and we should face the truth and speak it to all. Why Hamat betrayed his opposition colleagues?  They all agreed not to contest the parliamentary elections, and NRP went ahead to contest, as a result they cannot make a case against the Gambia government in the ECOWAS COURT for electoral reforms.

Yes Mr. Loum the system is confusing and frustrating but who made it difficult for us? It Is Jammeh. And our political gamblers who are not focus on a common cause. Oh ho Mr. Loum we may implore tactics to deal with new issues rising up, but the problem with Gambia`s politics is known and identified by the group of six and does are the issues they need to deal with.

Mr. Loum I am not speaking for PDOIS, but I know PDOIS is bigger than Halifa as you may not know, and the party is in a serious expansion process both nationally and internationally. PDOIS is here to stay for century’s just as other western party`s like the Labour`s or the Conservative`s because we have that structure and we are in the process of consolidating that structure with strength for posterity.

Finally be rest assured that, sometime, somehow and somewhere in Gambia, PDOIS`s mission will be accomplished. Can you do I a favor and stop the petite gossips against Halifa and PDOIS? Yes, there are thousands of University graduates in present day Gambia, they are educated but Knowledge is attain through wisdom which you can read in Halifa`s eyes.
Written by Sulayman Bah


+1 #2 2013-11-13 17:48
When i c these gutter thesis from these narcissistic individuals, i get outrage.

Where are they? Parading marble pavements in London with placards denouncing jammeh. Really?

Meanwhile, their old parents n neighbors in gambia are being picked up on suspicion of witchcraft. And who is that man with slippers n sweaty clothes preventing armed soldiers from carrying out these illegal arrests, none but Halifa.

Yet, we see these lazy people, supported by the generous n massive European welfare system, criticizing a hard working man..Its a shame!! Get a life people!!!
+1 #1 2013-11-13 17:04
What the haters dont know is that PDOIS is much more popular than the election result show.

First of all, i dont know all these idiots b4 1994. These so called freedom fighters, jammeh, were unknown elements. Some of them stole money from the gambia n have established themselves in the west.

Their fathers, uncles, brothers, etc have ruined gambia n thereby gave rise to jammeh, who is hell bent to finish the job. Members of PDOIS, voluntarily left gov't jobs. They stole no money.

Bah should not be wasting his time responding to these corrupt idiots.

In the early 90s, i use to buy the arabic foroyaa newspaper for my mandinka neighbor in the village. He continue to request the paper even after i told him foroyaa has stopped printing.

Bottomline, this man share the value of truth n intregity with PDOIS

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