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Letter From B’ham: A Travesty Of Justice

PK Jarju(Column) – Until last August, Dr Njogu Bah have used his position as secretary general and head of the Gambian Civil Service to lambast opponents and critics of the Jammeh regime, whom he described as enemies of progressive Gambia.

For Dr Bah, there is nothing like dictatorship in the Gambia and he spent his time and energy lecturing Gambians about how perfect the Jammeh regime is and how they should stick with the leadership forever. And as the darling of the Jammeh regime, who was even made minister of Presidential Affairs in recognition of his praise singing and loyalty, Dr Bah even led a prayer session for President Jammeh to live and rule the Gambia for over 900 years.

He wanted Gambians to believe that the Jammeh regime is respecting all the democratic principles and the rule of law. He wanted everyone to believe that the Jammeh regime have the interest of Gambians at heart. He wanted everyone to bend their knees for Jammeh and that all the hundreds if not thousands of Gambians and non-Gambians being arbitrarily arrested, tortured and detained for weeks, months and years or even killed by security officers acting under the direct command of Jammeh are only trying to tarnish the name of peaceful Gambia.

For him, the torrid tales of torture, harassment, and murder being published in the online media are nothing but mere fabrications and lies.PK Jarju

But Friday morning, he has found himself in a very different environment. He is banged up at the Mile Two Prisons and is rubbing shoulders with rapist, murderers and thieves by a corrupt judiciary he once thought was perfect.

As a well-read man, Dr Bah must be really disappointed with the way he has allowed himself to be used and dumped by President Jammeh. He was used to build support for President Jammeh, especially in the last elections and during the various Meet the People’s Tours. He was used by President Jammeh to attack foreign leaders like former President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal. He was used by President Jammeh to the European Union and western countries for merely urging the Jammeh regime to respect the rule of law and democratic rights of Gambians.

But now that he is dumped, even the usual sympathetic Gambian public seems to be rejoicing. Immediately the news of his sinking was published in the online papers, many Gambians both at home and abroad started giving each other loud hi-fives. They were even more sympathetic to other disgraced henchmen of the Jammeh regime like the late Baba Jobe.

Of course the way Dr Bah behaved while serving the Jammeh regime will be forgotten by most of us not before too long, but it will have an enormous impact on his life and his future.

Don't get me wrong. I am not rejoicing at his conviction. As a practising Muslim, I don’t rejoice over people’s downfall no matter how bad or evil they were. I do feel sorry for Dr Bah. No matter what his critics think of him, he was a loyal servant of President Jammeh. He believed in the Jammehrism ideology and has promoted and served it to the best of his ability and with genuine intentions.

He even refused to say embarrassing things about the regime even when he had the opportunity to do so in court. He could have even fled the country like John Mackintosh, Benedict Jammeh and many others, yet he stayed and tried to clear his name.

The jailing of Njogu Bah, Pa Harry Jammeh and Lamin Jobarteh is travesty of justice. They have been jailed by the promotion seeking Justice Emmanuel Nkea of the Special Criminal Court to curry favour from the president.

The criminal offences these men were charged with should never have been entertained in the first place in the courts. We all know that the Gambia under the leadership of President Jammeh has been transformed into a Jammehkunda enterprise, with him being responsible for hiring and firing even local village heads. We cannot be fooled into believing that Dr Njogu Bah indeed authored the removal letter of Justice Wowo without the orders of President Jammeh. Jammeh is the boss, the CEO of the Gambia and he authorises and is aware of everything. We can all remember his remarks on GRTS that ‘he knows what is going to happen in the next 400 years’.   

I sincerely believe that Dr Njogu Bah and co must have fallen out with Jammeh over something else and are being punished for that crime instead of the offence they were charged with.

President Jammeh himself have said during a meeting with Muslim elders at State House that he was going to prosecute and convict Dr Bah and Lamin Jobarteh and no amount of begging by the scholars would make him change his mind.

“I have warned Njogu Bah on three different occasions,” President Jammeh told the religious leaders. “In fact, I called him into my office and told him that if you think that your marabout can protect you from being fired; you must be living the life of fantasy. I categorically told him that there is no marabout that can save him from being removed and he will live to regret it if I have to dismiss him from office. That I was going to teach him a lesson that he will never forget in his lifetime.”

This is exactly what has happened and Dr Bah is living to regret it.

I cannot be convinced that the conviction of Dr Njogu Bah and co was not influence by Jammeh. He wanted to make them suffer and has done so by using the judiciary to do his dirty job just like he did to Baba Jobe and many others who have served him with loyalty.

Justice Nkea should be very ashamed of himself. He is allowing himself to be used by the Jammeh regime to jail innocent men. He should know that like all dictators, President Jammeh easily get bored of people who compromise their principles to work for him. He is like a snake and can turn and bite you without warning.

To the Gambian people, what happened to these men should be lesson to anyone. Never compromise yourself to serve an ungrateful dictator like Jammeh. You have seen the lessons and so the choice is yours.

May the good Lord give Dr Bah, Lamin Jobarteh, Pa Harry Jammeh, Amadou Sanneh and all the innocent men languishing at the Mile Two Prisons the strength to carry the burden that has been placed on their shoulders by the Jammeh regime and the monstrous Justice Emmanuel Nkea.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
You can follow me on Twitter @pkjarju


+4 #1 2013-12-21 13:53
PK Jarju grabs it by the throat and shakes it vigourosly.

In that the Defendants claim to have been acting upon Executive "sometime this year engineering the sacking and deportation of CJ WoWo."

Nkea's judgement asks us to assume that The President did not issue any such orders.

Is it reasonable to trust that Jammeh was not aware that his Chief Justice was sacked and deported?

Compare this sentance with that of Amadou Sanneh...who was mearly supporting an asylum application
{ A basic human right}

Jammeh is subject to the courts juristiction.

Why was he not asked to give evidence on oath?

Whilst it is easy to applaud the downfall of those who were party to the execution of Tabara Samba..{who according to AI..was awaiting her appeal to be heard.}

I agree with PK...that innocent men should not be found guilty without all the evidence being heard.

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