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Letter From B’ham With PK: A Kick In The Teeth

PK Jarju(Column) – A kick in the teeth is the only way I can describe the results of Thursday’s Kiang West by-election.   Many Gambians including myself were expecting the people of Kiang West, which until recent years was an opposition fortress to vote against the APRC party of President Yahya Jammeh.

I was also expecting them to use their electoral rights to send a message to President Jammeh that they have had enough of his broken promises and anti-Mandika tirades. I was expecting the Kiangkas to send a loud and clear message to Jammeh that they want change. That they want a representative who is going to speak out against the excesses of the state; hold the regime to account at the National Assembly and vote against any bill that erodes their freedoms and strengthen dictatorship.  But I was disappointed.

Despite the increasing level of poverty, high level of unemployment, human rights violations and rising cost of basic commodities in the constituency and in the country, the people of Kiang West voted for the APRC and President Jammeh.PK Jarju

The lesson of the election results is clear. The people of Kiang and Gambians are not ready for change yet.  They don’t care about what we the critics and opponents of President Jammeh say or write about him. They don’t care about the rising level of poverty, lack of freedoms and opportunities.

They want to remain under the clutches of President Jammeh and his regime. Let’s not forget that Kiang West is a predominant Mandinka constituency and the results of the election could not have been influenced by Jolas or Casamance voters.

The results have shown that while Gambians in the Diaspora desperately want to see the back of President Jammeh and his APRC regime, Gambians in the Gambia are in no hurry for change. They still regard Yahya Jammeh as their ‘Mansa’ and saviour instead of the evil monster he is portrayed by the Diaspora Gambians.

Gambians in the Gambia still see Jammeh as the only one who can rule and move the Gambia forward despite the increasing level of poverty and erosion of democratic rights and freedoms.

What is wrong with Gambians in the Gambia? Can Jammeh and the APRC be ever defeated in the polls?  Whatever the answer is, I don't know. Maybe you know the answer. So please help me out in the comment box below.


0 #4 2013-12-11 15:41
Quote Chrisy...

"No one held a gun to the heads of Kiangkas and force them to vote for Menata Njie.They did so willingly."

Comment....Absolutely right...
+1 #3 2013-12-08 14:45
You assume that he elections are free and fair. The people of Kiang are not the problem, it's the premise of your letter.

And what makes you assumed that the election was not free and fair? The election was a choice. A choice between voting for a representative who will rubber stamp anything sent to parliament by the executive and representative who will scrutinised anything sent to parliament by the executive. The people of Kiang have gone for the former. This shows as PK Jarjue have rightly stated, they have chosen to remain under the cluthes of President Jammeh. No one held a gun to the heads of the Kiangkas and forced them to vote for Menata Njie. They did so willingly.
+2 #2 2013-12-08 13:55
Gambia continues to do what it does well.

Agriculture and Tourism on the up. Overseas remittances up. Growth up.

Such a stable economy will attract inward investment.

VAT will expand the tax base..though may well cause inflationery pressures in the short term.

The Ecowas protocols of communication, currency and tax alignment will be expensive to impliment in the short term.

The budget deficit is likely to grow before it recovers...and the burden of loan repayments is "heavy"

But on the whole Gambian's appear to be positive about the course of Jammeh's leadership.

The NRP should be complimented for there efforts.

Meanwhile the rest appear to want to sit at home and sulk.

Politics is about engagement with the people.

If the Opposition cannot agree with each other now ?...then what would they be like in Government?
0 #1 2013-12-08 12:33
You assume that he elections are free and fair. The people of Kiang are not the problem, it's the premise of your letter.

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