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Gambia Government Pulls Plug On GPTC

GPTC buses(JollofNews) – Members of the Gambian National Assembly Monday unanimously agreed to disband the country’s public transport corporation.

The Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC) was set up in 1976 by an act of parliament to operate and maintain the public transport services of the country for the conveyance of passengers and goods.

In its heydays, the corporation employed thousands of Gambians with its MAN buses providing easy movement within the country for students and members of the public, at suitable times and a reasonable cost.

However, the wheels fell off in the 1990s due to official corruption and negligence by the authorities. It never recovered from the financial and operational difficulties prompting the government to seek the blessings of deputies to disband it.GPTC busesGPTC buses

Francis Liti Mboge, Minister of Works, Construction and Infrastructure, said the corporation is now in a poor state that it is better to pull the plug on it and cut the losses that have been accruing to the public purse.

“A business entity must either maximise revenue or cut costs to remain solvent. With GPTC, neither option was possible,” he said.

He added: “The decision was therefore made to disband the corporation. Having closed an old chapter, it is only prudent that we must look to the not distant future for realising our dreams with regard to public transport. It is important to note in this regard that government is ever conscious of its commitment to provide public transport for the socio-economic development of this country.”

Minister Mboge said due consideration has been given to the interests of the employees.

“Although the corporation has been dysfunctional for a considerable period, salaries and wages to employees have been paid consistently. It is envisaged that through a collective bargaining mechanism, the employees would be given a reasonable severance package,” he added.
Written by PK Jarju


-4 #17 2012-11-27 00:54
Gampatriot, You are wrong once again. I am not that old yet. So, whatever radar you used,needs to be re-calibrated accurately.A smart guy like me,willn't be caught by a small brain like you.

my friend,how can you accused me of mocking the dead,when my own relative are among them.these accusations are unfounded and baseless.I demand an apology once again!!!

I support my President Jammeh and the regime,but I dont think thats a CRIME,is it? I am practicing the beauty of democracy and freedom of speech.
0 #16 2012-11-26 23:34
I was checking to see if what you were saying is true because nowadays with a liar like Yaya Jammeh claiming to cure AIDS, one can never be too careful with checking facts.
I had calculated by the information you had given that you must be between 65-70 years old (if your claims are true; I remain doubtful). Someone of that age would most likely have grand kids and be tenderhearted as they get near death. Yet, you mock the dead and justify murder by Yaya Jammeh. You have no sympathy for anyone. It just does not add up. Such raw cruelty as you exhibit is very rare among wise and old people. Something is missing my friend.
-3 #15 2012-11-26 20:54
Gampatriot, Can you please show some respect to an elderly man like me? Lamin Jobe and Sukai, are my age group. The last time I visited their was 1993/94,And the last truck I took their was an ORANGE BENZ DUMP TRUCK. Mam Biram and Baye jobe, were my good friend. Babucarr Jobe,was a best friend to Late Mbocha Sarr, a son of Alh. Sulay Sarr.

Do you need more information to convence you? Ooops! Sukai, now live in the Bronx, New York.
0 #14 2012-11-26 19:50
You wrongly identified where Pa Sulay Jobe lived and now you are claiming that you used to get your trucks fixed there? When was this?
Btw, do you know that lying is haram in Islam?
-5 #13 2012-11-23 03:05
Kankani,Thank you. Pa Bai Jobe (Gunjur)

Pa Sulay Jobe,Sanchaba Is my Grandpa. I used to go their to drop my niece and nephews to Mam Biran,Bai and Babucarr Jobe. While they fixed my TRUCKS.
+1 #12 2012-11-23 01:32
I mean Pa Bai Jobe
+1 #11 2012-11-23 01:31
RKK Point Of Correction #7 Pa Sulay Jobe is the one in Sukuta Sanchaba and Gunjur was Pa Bia Jobe.
+2 #10 2012-11-22 21:07
Quoting Radiokangkang:

Indeed Bro, is was an interesting momentum in the Gambia during the Days of GPTC !
-1 #9 2012-11-22 19:23
Bro.Lalo,Former vice Pres.Hon. B.B.Darboe's (father)used to took out his shoe's when entering the GPTC BUSES. In Kiang,this is a tradition to shown respect to the condutors. When thye forget to take off their shoe's, you can see them apologizing to the Conductor:" NFAA CUNDUCTOO, MBALALEE..."lol
+1 #8 2012-11-22 11:13
“A business entity must either maximise revenue or cut costs to remain solvent. With GPTC, neither option was possible,” he said.
What a failure!! Our liberator turned to become a crocodile liberator, taking our country from bad to worst, from frying pan to fire, from smiling-coast of Africa to a burning-coast of Africa. Looting our state coffer, let the people suffer and the country go bankrupt is the vision of dictator jammeh and his bandits.
This bandits should be stop, but not by rebels like Darboe & Bayo.
Violence cannot drive out violence.

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