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West African Airline Gambia Bird Lands At Heathrow

Gambia Bird at gatwick airport tower(London) – Gatwick Airport has welcomed West African airline Gambia Bird - owned by German airline group Germania- to its list of long-haul airlines.

The carrier has launched a twice a week direct service to the The Gambia capital, Banjul, and, on Saturday’s only, onward to Freetown in Sierra Leone.

The magnificent coastline of Africa’s smallest country, with its luxurious beach resorts, bustling fishing villages and stunning nature reserves, is not only the attraction for beach-bound travellers, it also offers a real opportunity to soak up the atmosphere amongst the heaving markets and its vibrant culture.

Matt Wood, head of airline relations at Gatwick Airport said: “We are delighted to welcome Gambia Bird and its passengers to the airport today, offering passengers further choice to the west coast of Africa.
Gambia Bird at gatwick airport towerGambia Bird At Gatwick Airport Tower
“We continue to compete with other London airports and continue to win new airlines and new routes.

“By attracting Gambia Bird, we are committed to offering our passengers the best possible choice of destinations they can fly to throughout the year.”

Over the past three years, Gatwick has been investing around £20 million every month to transform the airport to make the facilities better for passengers and attract new airlines.

Recent new direct routes include Beijing, South Korea, Istanbul, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Karsten Balke, chief commercial Officer at Gambia Bird stated: “Our aim is to build a reputation for quality and reliability via our scheduled and punctual services.

“Onward travel connections from Gatwick into Central London and beyond are excellent, so we felt this blended in perfectly with our business model.

“And with today’s trend for people to book their own flights, especially if they are returning to a country they love, or to see friends and family, having a scheduled airline that flies into Banjul from Gatwick makes a lot of sense.”


+2 #7 2012-10-29 12:24
every good but the gambia para disturb too much on way to bolong many police stops in road have will take to gambia if you take 10 from banjul to basse becuase of many stops is better you dakar way thank
+3 #6 2012-10-26 23:36
I totally disagree with Hon. Fatou Mass Jobe, for a random checking, "SECURITY" must never be compromise. All passengers must be screen and all lugages must be seach,Airport security attempts to prevent any threats or potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country. If airport security does succeed in this, then the chances of any dangerous situations, illegal items or threats entering into both aircraft, country or airport are greatly reduced. As such, airport security serves several purposes: To protect the airport and country from any threatening events, to reassure the traveling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people.
+2 #5 2012-10-26 17:15
It is indeed wonderful news ..A source of employment and revenue for the country..It could also make air travel within the region easier,if it fullfils it's aim of flying to other sub-regional capitals,especi ally,Abuja/Lagos,Abidjan and Moneovia..

Looking at previous experiences,we are right to raise concerns about the long term future and success of this company..If profitable,whet her much or all of the profits is repatriated or re-invested into the economy,will determine whether its economic potential for the country has been fully realised...

Lets hope that this company can be the beginning of a successful Aviation Industry (transport) in The Gambia..
+3 #4 2012-10-26 13:04
Gambia Bird lands @ Gatwick !!!!
+1 #3 2012-10-26 06:22
Brother ML & Radiokangkang:

Don't be so much optimistic let us recall our minds from 1994 to date, How many Airlines has operated in Jollof and finally grounded in the following months or years ?

In the Service of the Truth I Remain
-4 #2 2012-10-25 21:36
My brother this was overdue but God’s time is the best for everything and I join you to pray to see and read more of such news coming from our motherland. This airline is there for every Gambian and all wanting to take a rest at our lovely sand beaches and those thinking of venturing into business in the Smiling Coast to take a trip onboard the airline. We need to patronise it as their expansion depend on how much the business bum for the company. Happy tobaski to everyone out there.
-2 #1 2012-10-25 20:51
Congratulations !!!!!This is a wonderful news for allgambians. May Allah continue to increase our successes in all ventures. AMEN

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