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Gambia Battles Worst Contagious Cattle Disease

Gambian Cattle Market(JollofNews) – Authorities in the Gambia have confirmed the outbreak of highly Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) disease in cattle.

The disease, which is infectious and considered the biggest threat to cattle production was discovered in the Central and Upper River Regions of the country prompting the Government of Yahya Jammeh to declare a national animal health emergency.

It has already killed cattle in Niamina Dankunku, where it was first reported and confirmed in August 2012.

The government said the disease is likely to spread to other regions of the country and beyond unless control measures are taken and could kill 200, 000 heads of cattle and a monetary loss of two billion Dalasis.

Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia was last reported in Gambia in 1971 and vaccinations against the disease were last carried out in 1987.  And after 41 years of its absence in the country and 25 years of non-vaccination against it, the cattle population is highly susceptible to the disease. Gambian Cattle Market

The government said the resurgence of the disease in the country poses a serious threat to the entire national cattle herds which could have disastrous consequences on food and nutrition security and peoples’ livelihoods and could have a significant negative impact on the national economy.

“Our Veterinary Services is not adequately equipped to deal with this major animal health emergency and the resources urgently needed are beyond what the national capability can guarantee,” said Solomon Owens, Minister of Agriculture.

He added:  “On behalf of the people of the Gambia and the National Council on Disaster and Food Security, I respectfully bring to your attention the plight of the Gambian families who are entirely dependent on their livestock for their livelihoods.

“The impact of CBPP on these families has been and will be extremely severe with livelihoods, food security, social and development consequences. The projection is that the impact on the national economy will be dramatic with decline in production, scarcity of products, rising market prices and financial losses to public and government.”

As an immediate measure to prevent the rapid spread of the disease to other parts of the country, the Government has temporarily suspended transhumance of cattle between the regions of the country until the completion of the first phase of the countrywide mass vaccination campaign.  

The Government said it is mobilising all available emergency funds for immediate action to contain and control the outbreak. It is also taking immediate actions to enhance the capacity of veterinary services to put in place adequate measures for effective, sustainable and progressive control and eradication of the disease.

It appealed to the international community, development partners, NGOs and other stakeholders to assist in effectively addressing the situation to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the country and beyond.
Written by PK Jarju


-2 #28 2012-11-21 05:08
-4 #27 2012-11-20 22:26
Malick, Are you accusing Radiokangkang and Lionking of slipping together? Hey!! my Uncle, We are not HOMOSEXUALS. We are good friends and humble.
-3 #26 2012-11-20 22:14
Bax, You really revisit the recent Gambia, You have been misguided and seriously mis-informed. Time will tell my brother. I have balanced the negatives and the positive of the APRC regime,that's why I am a 100% supporter.
0 #25 2012-11-20 16:37
As “Malang Jammeh” wrote on HelloGambia “It is my conviction that silence is the most powerful scream, however in The Gambia, there is no silence rather there are conformist and sheep and our intelligent people are full of doubt whilst the stupid ones are full of confident.” ( ). By assuming all bacteria and toxin in food can be boiled away and forget that bought contaminated food has so many ways of getting to human..e.g cross contamination and the like. Even in USA it is clearly that these backward Gambian has not been cultured in responsibility to family, society and nation. This is the brain of a typical person that support Jammeh...since it he flowered the stupidity in their brains even to risk families n American living on contaminated food in care about Gambia. he revealed. The integration department, social officers, and Food Safety and Modernization Act is really needed to help him.
0 #24 2012-11-20 16:36

I did suspected that long time ago to assume if they sleep in the same bed. Time will tell. But the sad thing about this outbreak is that farmers grievances will be oppressed and u never knew hear of CBPP as in many issues where legitimate grievances politically forced to swallowed silently. If a Gambian have no empathy of safeguarding his family rights in US,Gambians rights and lives in Gambia; It will be a miracle to care for d farmers n cattle. KKG is A PERSON WHO GO TO ‘ASIAN’ CORRUPTED FOOD STORES AND BUY CONTAMINATED FOOD WHICH CLEARLY PUT RISK TO HIS FAMILY. IT’s CLEARLY IN his HEAD ONLY the STOMACH MATTERS.HE ALSO APPROACH HIV SAID 2B A STRESS ILLNESS CURED BY Jammeh.So backward I did not anticipate. I need to tell Ous.. N JC (KKG knows) helps him with hygiene in US.
-1 #23 2012-11-20 14:01
On top of this misplaced expenditures,Ja mmeh regularly splashes out money to individuals,gro ups and organisations (overseas for awards),includi ng about D29Million to U17 players and Officials...

Doesn't this clearly show massive mis-management of funds...?

The Gambia,with a population of under 2million and endowed with abundant fresh water resources and fertile land (though neglected for far too long),can prosper if we get our acts together..

I know many people are hoodwinked by the new roads,lamp posts,schools,T V,hospitals and UTG,but these are the easiest aspects of running a country...Because they are mostly the products of borrowing...No MAGIC...! NO SCIENCE...! NO BRAINS...!

Being a Highly Indebted and Low Income Country,we enjoyed some debt relief (cancellation) in 2007...Guess what,new concerns are being raised about our DEBT BURDEN again,only 5yrs after debt relief.

So this is government failure,not Natural Disaster..
0 #22 2012-11-20 13:38

you don't have to be experienced or occupier of high office to see what's happening in The Gambia..BTW,I have never occupied high office in The Gambia..

Let's face it bro,we are on a wrong trajectory...The Hon.Minister's revelation that the veterinary service is NOT EQUIPPED to deal with this outbreak (affecting 200,000 heads of cattle) and that they aren't capable of raising the resources needed nationally,is an indictment on the government...

Because this is a government that has been in power for 18yrs...And during this period,it has celebrated no less than 18 July 22nd Celebrations,so metimes splashing up to D80Million,so that its club members (government officials,Party big wigs and loyalists,Senio r Military and Police Officials) can party till day break...It has also enjoyed 3 Presidential inaugurations,t hen last of which consumed D10Million...

+1 #21 2012-11-20 12:13

Bro,it's clealy indicated that the last vaccinations against Bovine (Fever) was done in 1987...If you reflect back,you may remember that this coincided with the Economic Recovery Program (1985-ERP),when government was told (by IMF) to sell ALL Public Enterprises,cut Public Spending,maximi se Revenue Collection (meaning more TAXES),etc...

So,it would appear that from 1988-94 (PPP) and 1994-to date,no vaccinations took place..About 25 years of NO PROTECTION...That's why Farmers' cattle are highly susceptible to this disease now...The high risks posed to our farmers today is not the result of a Natural Disaster...It's a FAILURE of our governments (PPP & APRC) to put in place proper measures and mechanism to deal with any circumstances or eventualities affecting the farming communities...

Both governments got their priorities wrong,and thus,have mis-spent and mis-managed our resources..
-5 #20 2012-11-19 22:56
Bax, You seem like someone who has had occupy a high position.I remembered when you doubted me about buying Buses from GPTC,And now the regular vetenary vaccinations and manymore. Can you help me here?

Bax, You are really experience.
+1 #19 2012-11-19 13:20
Quote: "Our veterinary services is not equipped to deal with major animal health emergency and the resources urgently needed are beyond what the national capability can guarantee..",said the Agric Minister.

Wow..! This is very revealing...For a government that claims to be on track for "TRANSFORMING THE GAMBIA INTO A HIGHLY DEVELOPED,MANUF ACTURING COUNTRY" (AS PER VISION 2020)in not more than 8 years from now,such a statement from the Hon.Minister such put that claim to bed,once and for all..Considering the fact that we are talking about a relatively small number of cattle involved (200,000 heads)..

I think its about time someone tells the "Emperor" that he got no clothes on...I think (Jali) Lalo should help here...

And please (Jali)Lalo,don't forget to ask the "Emperor",what happened to the CATTLE TAX farmers have been paying for the past 18 years..

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