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WFP Distributes Food Vouchers In Senegal Region

Senegal_food_crisis(AFP) – The UN World Food Programme launched the distribution of cash vouchers for the purchase of food in Senegal's Ziguinchor region, for people hit by poor harvests and high food prices.

The first vouchers went to people in the town of Bignona, on Friday.

Earlier this week WFP re-stocked 167 village cereal banks - warehouses provided with initial grain stocks where villagers can borrow cereals to help them get through the lean season.

The distributions, which began on Tuesday at Neteboulou, in the Tambacounda region, are part of WFP's ongoing assistance to the people worst-
In order to tackle the food crisis in Senegal, WFP needs to mobilise $53 million (Photo: AFP)
affected by the food crisis in Senegal.

"Our objective is to assist 145,000 people with cash vouchers in the most vulnerable rural and urban communities where food is available in the local markets but people cannot afford it," said WFP Senegal Country Director Ingeborg Maria Breuer.

"In total, the various activities that WFP is implementing will allow us, from now to the end of June, to support 806,000 people in 100 'vulnerable zones' where the levels of food insecurity sometimes exceed 59 percent," added Breuer.

The cash voucher distributions will be rolled out in the coming weeks in Ziguinchor, Tambacounda and Matam and people will be able to spend them in designated shops.

The aim is to build the resilience of households who have been severely affected by the food and nutrition crisis and by the high prices of staple foods.

In April, in the rural commune of Oukout, WFP began targeted food distributions, which have since been extended to the whole region of Ziguinchor.

The launch of the cash voucher activities will be attended by the WFP Senegal Country Director and presided over by the Minister of Women, Children and Women Organisations, Mariama Sarr.

WFP operations will cover all regions of Senegal, except the capital, Dakar.

In Matam and Diourbel, where the global acute malnutrition rate exceeds 14 and 10 percent respectively, as well as in nine other regions, WFP will provide a nutritional boost for more than 100,000 children under five years old and pregnant and nursing women.

In order to tackle the food crisis in Senegal, WFP, which is entirely funded by voluntary contributions, needs to mobilise $53 million.

However, WFP's operation currently has a shortfall of $22 million, and contributions are urgently needed to protect the livelihoods of the most vulnerable until the next harvest in October.


-1 #6 2012-05-22 00:52
quote myself:, 2012-03-16 12:52

"The Gambia has only a population of less than 2 million which is less than the population of some towns/cities in the West.I don`t think the international communities will seriously consider Gambian`s food starvation after knowing the wealth( private jets/manson) and the life styles of the Gambian leader.

The Gambians shoulds unite to stop dictatorship since some donor communities didn`t care much who is leading in Africa but they only care for there profits.

The Gambians shouldn`t care much who will be the next president but they should be united to dismantle the dictatorships in order to give room for a serious political reform in The Gambia".
How can the int.communities support/consider an arrogant leader/begger who insults them & his oppositions & who arrongantly claimed that he is richer than the state???If he really love Gambians let him spend on the starving ones from his wealth.
-3 #5 2012-05-21 17:10
Thanks for the giving the links:here are some quotations:
Coverage of the food crisis in the Sahel has ramped up in the past few months, but attention has eluded The Gambia. Ezeala reasoned that perhaps the crisis in The Gambia was still developing into an emergency, and so had not yet caught the attention of the international media.
Aid workers say the government issued warnings early enough - the first one jointly with UN agencies in October 2011.
The gap has widened further in the past few years because of ....and "international donors’ reluctance to support a government accused of using strong-arm tactics in the face of opposition", the agency said.
There has not been much outside help,
Some potential donors have expressed
concern over human rights and freedom of the press,".
Let dictator jammeh open the political space for the Gambians to show him the exit door throught election since his hands are already dirty.
-5 #4 2012-05-21 13:13
It is really sad, but it seems like no one is interested in the suffering in Gambia. Even Gambians would rather talk about football than the hunger in the country. Have you see this alarming article:

I hope the priase singers of Yaya Jammeh on this list would have the guts to address the points made by this UN-run news agency.
-3 #3 2012-05-21 08:08
It is unfortunate that our people may suffer a lot because i think it is our bandit regime who is send our country & the people in isolation not the international community.
The only interest of our bandit regime is to cling on to power but they don`t care much about the sufferings of their people.
Before dictator jammeh go on begging let him sell out his manson in USA & use that money to help those poor Gambians, from whom dictator jammeh had stolen/corrupt his wealth & are now starving from his evil ruling..
-3 #2 2012-05-20 22:46
How about food distribution in THe Gambia. It seems that the world is boycotting our beloved country and our people will be starving this year in isolation and silence.
We better get off our chairs and start sending money to our people for their daily sustenance. They will need all the help they can get.
+4 #1 2012-05-20 21:16
Hmmmm, if Macky Sall and his cabinet were each to donate $1 million dollars of their money invested abroad, the WFP would easily have more than the $53 million needed to feed the starving. Simple solution from a Simpleton!

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